Xbox One to become Disc-less in 2019?

Reading Time: < 1 minute is reporting that Microsoft is working on an Xbox One that won’t have a disc drive in 2019. This is in an effort to lower the price tag of the Xbox One to $200 where it is currently $299 and will no doubt put more Xbox Ones into more households.

While this should not come as a surprise as many devices are veering away from CD-type material like the Nintendo Switch, Laptops, and newer cars. While many are concerned about their large physical game libraries, Microsoft is also said to be creating a ‘disc-to-digital’ option to convert those games at a store for a digital download.

Many people have already made the transition from the physical to the digital with the console’s online stores but how will digital download only consoles effect the used game market? Will GameStop be able to keep up?

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