Xbox Live Outage Grounds Gamers for 5 Hours

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If you were looking to unwind today after work or school today and were surprised to find out that you couldn’t sign on to Xbox Live, you were not alone. The Xbox Live outage lasted approximately 5+ hours starting around 3:15 pm EST.

As of this writing, the Xbox Live outage has ended a couple of hours ago with no explanation leaving many to speculate as to how this could have happened. Microsoft has yet to give any information regarding the outage other than thanking everyone for their patience and “as always, we’re listening.

Like any service, outages are bound to happen. And make no mistake, this won’t be the last this year for Xbox. The question though is what amount is acceptable? Who monitors this and ensures that consumers are protected, and that they get what they are paying for? Then again, if you’ve already bought the console, what are you going to do about it? Probably nothing, unless you want to sell your current console and all the games you own and start over.

If you’re having issues you can always check @XboxSupport and the Xbox Live Status page. Let’s hope that this is the only major Xbox Live outage for the year.

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