Xbox Insiders Join Console Purchase Pilot

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Consider yourself lucky if you’ve been able to land an Xbox Series X or an Xbox Series S. Even with trying different ways to find Xbox Series X in stock, stock levels still have not normalized causing very few units to hit retailers. If you’re a member of the Xbox Insiders you may still be in luck as Microsoft made a special announcement via Twitter the other day.

The Xbox Insiders program is an alpha/beta program that gives Xbox gamers access to system updates and game tests that are in the works that may or may not make it into production. As a member of the Xbox Insiders myself for a number of years, it’s great to be able to test and report back to Microsoft to help mold the best Xbox gaming experience. Not to mention awesome to try out new features that aren’t released yet. Of course, since you’ll be testing preview software, there is always the possibility of bugs that crash your game or Xbox which is why there are different rings (alpha ring, beta ring) that you can join. Each ring has a different amount of testing already done which means there are fewer bugs that could cause problems.

Xbox Insiders gain the ability to register to purchase an Xbox Series X|S

To become an Xbox Insider, all you need to do is download the Xbox Insider Hub to register. There you’ll find all sorts of information regarding “rings” and what needs to be tested. Once registered, you’ll be able to register to purchase an Xbox Series X|S from your Xbox One Insider Hub. Check out the Xbox Insider Program FAQ on for more information.

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