Xbox, PlayStation to Get MLB The Show April Release

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Sony finally announced a release date today for the long-awaited release of the latest iteration in its MLB The Show baseball franchise. As was reported by The Verge, Sony announced on its PlayStation.Blog page that MLB The Show 21, previously a PlayStation exclusive, will be coming to both the Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and also to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on April 20th, with both Standard and Collector’s Editions coming to prior and next-gen consoles.

Sony also revealed that the cover of MLB The Show 21 will be graced by San Diego Padre’s Fernando “El Nino” Tatis Jr., and the talented player was featured in Sony’s release trailer that landed today as well.

Credit : Sony / MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21 will feature no only cross-generational playability but will feature cross-generation, cross-platform play, as well as cross-progression, meaning whatever content you earn you can use on any platform that MLB The Show is playable on. Great news for PlayStation4 or Xbox One players who decide to upgrade and switch between the two platforms. Of course this may not be practical since players would still need to purchase copies for each console, but the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions should at least be forward compatible to the next-gen consoles for those who decide to buy the title for the prior gen system.

Pricing for the MLB The Show 21 Standard Edition for prior gen consoles was announced at $59.99 USD, with pricing for the Standard Edition next-gen versions being, as with many other recent titles released for last/next gen consoles, a bit more at $69.99 USD. Players looking to score a home run can pre-order today and earn a bonus Gold Choice Pack. (We’re not entirely sure what is in the “Gold Choice Pack” yet.) Pre-orders are available through the PlayStation Store and the Microsoft Store.

As to the Collector’s Edition, a reveal event for the upgraded version has been planned for this Wednesday.

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