My “Amazon Renewed” Razer Huntsman Elite Experience

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The world we live in is swarming with constantly changing and updating technology. This is mostly a good thing, as improvements drive our interest, advancement, and of course, gaming to constantly be more polished, and an overall better experience. The other side of this coin, however, as I am certain most of our readers are keenly aware, is the beautiful torture of watching that “thing” you just purchased come out with a newer generation, or worse yet, catching another brand come out with something maybe even more than catered to your needs. That feeling of buyer’s remorse over hundreds of dollars in peripherals, headphones, you name it, is a hard pill to swallow. In my case, it was my keyboard. Upon building my first rig, I did what many newbies do….google “the best (insert item here) for my PC” and scour the first page of links for the answers. 

Before I knew it, my Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT had shipped from Amazon with the promise of mechanical cherry keys to make me an AMAZING gamer! As the title implies, those keys just weren’t doing it for me… So, after years of dealing with keys that I found to be a bit too soft to the touch, I’ve learned much and tested many keyboards. After deciding on the Huntsman Elite, I couldn’t help but notice how Amazon was advertising an “Amazon renewed” product for less than half of the stock price!  I couldn’t help but notice the lack of reviews detailing anyone’s experience purchasing a keyboard, or really any electronics in this way for that matter. So, if you’ve been curious about going for an Amazon Renewed product to save yourself some hard-earned cash, here’s my experience to maybe shed some light on the idea. 

Now the outer packaging from delivery was disheartening at first glance.  Just an oversized cardboard box filled to the brim with packing paper. However, where I expected to see a loose keyboard knocking around inside the brown paper, I instead found the original box cradling my desired components in fully intact packaging!

Upon inspecting the box, impressed as I was that they maintained the original packaging, there were still signs of past use. The outside of the box was a little worn, and the box corners had been rounded off for the most part. Also, there was the original packing tape that had been taped over after Amazons’ re-inspection process. They attached a seal to the outside of the box to prove it.

Amazon Renewed
Amazon Renewed

Once I opened the box, more signs of prior ownership became apparent. They did put the plastic protective cover back over the keyboard in the box, however, it did more to showcase a few loose strands of what I believed to be cat hair, than anything else. This did cause me to question Amazon’s product cleaning that they advertise for their renewed products.  Either way, I do have to admit that besides a few cat hairs and a crumb or two, I was unable to find any fault, nick, or scratch in the item itself, already quelling my first major concern.

Now pleased as I was with the condition of the item overall, I was still less than pleased with the “cleaning” amazon had done. Knowing all too well the unholy things a keyboard may go through, I decided to swap my keycaps and disinfect my board using some alcohol and Q-tips. I also knew this would also ensure the most thorough possible inspection of the board to ensure there was no damage I may have missed initially. I then went with keycap replacements, and went with the upgraded PBT plastic keycaps from Razer to ensure there would be no compatibility issues.

The cleaning and keycap swap went smoothly and no further damage was found, with just a few crumbs found under a key or two. The finished product has me feeling like a winner with a spotless keyboard, new keys, all functions, and lights working properly, and all at a fraction of the cost of a brand new board, with lower grade plastic keys no less!

The take-away from my experience, against all my own prior advice, is that with a little luck, and some consideration to the product in question, I would actually consider purchasing an Amazon Renewed product again. It was a much better experience than Kevin’s experience when he ordered a used Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller from Amazon. Clearly some may have better luck than others with certain electronics would in the “refurbed” category. For instance, I would be much more hesitant to purchase an Amazon renewed set of headphones, as battery life and sensitive components can deteriorate over time or be damaged by prior misuse. Still, there is a plethora of tech and gadgets that may, in fact, be worth it.

If you’re interested in checking out some Amazon Renewed products, head on over through our Amazon Renewed affiliate link.

Amazon Renewed and cleaned up.
Amazon Renewed and All Cleaned Up!
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