Xbox’s Quick Resume is Great But There are Some Issues

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There is no doubt that the Xbox Series X and Series S Quick Resume feature is an incredibly useful feature that can shave off seconds and even minutes of loading time, but with the release of a new feature, there are often some kinks that need to be worked out. For those of you not familiar with Microsoft’s Quick Resume feature, it allows you to suspend a game and relaunch it at the exact place you left off, much like a Windows PC hibernation mode, only this actually works most of the time.

It’s probably bold to say that the Windows hibernation feature never worked, so it’s easy to think that many gamers would be fearful of a hibernation mode that could cost them hours of game progress. Luckily, Quick Resume doesn’t replace game saves in any way so data loss of that magnitude is not going to happen unless you choose to not allow for automatic saves or not perform a manual save. More importantly, though, despite a few known issues that have been reported, Quick Resume worked pretty flawlessly with the exception of online games like PUBG and Minecraft.

Xbox Quick Resume Known Issues
Source: Microsoft

Games like PUBG and Minecraft (when connected to a server) require a connection at all times. Quick Resume disconnects when it hibernates the game, which is to be expected. While that may be surprising to some, the real issue is how the game handles being resumed later and how it reconnects. For example, oftentimes Minecraft cannot find associated Realms and requires you to force close Minecraft to only launch it again. On a side note, why the hell does Minecraft take so long to load on an Xbox Series X? Anyway, on the other hand… when relaunching PUBG you’ll oftentimes find yourself in an old lobby causing you to disconnect and reconnect.

Granted, these are “first world problems” that are easily dealt with, but it shows some of the improvements that are needed on the Quick Resume feature. With the release of any new console, there are bound to be improvements needed long after launch.

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