James Ferguson (JimHere93)

I started gaming like many who grew up in the 90’s…..with a good ol’ fashioned Super Nintendo. Fast forward to 2001 and the Game Cube is really where I took off. Between Super Smash bros along with the Zelda and Mario franchises, my love for these exclusives kept me loyal to Nintendo throughout the years along with every console they’ve launched in between.

I have since spread my wings to PC and other console gaming. I have a love for solid hardware and frame rates, but nothing beats the ease of a plug and play console and a first person shooter.

Outside of the electronics world, i still find myself at home with a good D&D campaign or just about any card or board game i can get my hands on. Screen or no screen, there is plenty of good gaming to be had.

Favorite Games – Super Smash Bros hands down. Followed easily by the Zelda franchise lead by both Wind Waker and Breath of the Wild almost equally. My favorites outside of Nintendo are a healthy mix of Destiny 2, Terraria, and a few in between.

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