Wait, Didn’t I Hear Something About A Nintendo Switch Pro?

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There is a LOT of console news going around lately, and mostly circling the two giants Microsoft and Sony with the long-awaited release dates and pre-orders rolling out for the Xbox Series X|S, and the PS5. Now, somewhere in the midst of it all, I could have sworn I heard something about a Nintendo Switch 2 or Nintendo Switch Pro as some have called it! Right now its just rumor, but we have more and more reason to believe this is something we might be seeing as soon as 2021. When it comes to rumors, its best to not draw any conclusions without some well-educated guessing by those of us who make it our business to stay on the up-and-up in gaming.

Nintendo Switch Pro Coming?

James’ Take:

Nintendo has had their best year since the Wii…Yes, a full 2 consoles ago. This success is likely a culmination of some incredible titles, the undeniable convenience of a handheld to TV console, pricing, and the COVID-19 lockdown that had us all scrambling for Animal Crossing to help us pass the time. It’s become clear that Nintendo is ready to throw all their eggs in the Switch basket after announcing on September 16th of this year that the production of the 3DS has ended, finally solidifying the Switch’s rightful place as the staple handheld for every gaming household. Taking the recent capital increase of this year into account, along with now only having one system line (considering the switch lite to be in the same family), and the seriously hardcore upgrading from other consoles, its clear that they are revving up for something, and I don’t think its just playful reboots of our favorite classics.

I’m expecting first and foremost, a 1080 handheld experience out of the Nintendo Switch Pro. This is a no-brainer considering the mobile technology we have access to today. Now at the time of our current switch release, it was engineered with battery savings in mind in equal part to performance, but this would still be the most marketable main feature to boost an upgraded system for newcomers and those of us with a current-gen Nintendo Switch. I’m also expecting another no-brainer here for 4k upscaling in docked mode. This wouldn’t just allow for better integration (and future-proofing) of more 3rd party games, but 4k is really the new standard for any family entertainment system. Now the CPU (theoretical max 1Ghz) and GPU (theoretical max 2Ghz) of our current model switch were….mildly dated already by the time the switch had released. That being said, we have come along way in terms of mobile gaming hardware, and at 4 years later (hoping for an early/mid-2021 release) and an all eggs in one basket approach, I’m expecting not only increased performance but also battery life and fewer compromises between handheld and docked mode.

This would also explain the game releasing trend we’ve seen from Nintendo lately with more ports and reboots when we know they are working on some big flagships behind the scenes. Keeping up with gaming today, its no surprise that a hardware boost might be necessary to keep knocking our socks off with sequels to our most beloved games like Breath of the Wild, where processing power was already pushed to its max. Now for a doubtful, but hopeful wish list to also see a dock integrated LAN port with more online support, and heck, maybe even Bluetooth for some headphones. I don’t expect too much here though considering Nintendo’s seeming history at missing these little features and struggling with online play.

Jason’s Take:

Frankly, It makes sense that Nintendo would release an updated Nintendo Switch Pro given their track record and the current gaming market. Look back to the original Nintendo DS and that huge clamshell design. That thing was massive, ugly, and even felt/looked like it was a first-gen product. Then they released the Nintendo DS Lite, which was a much more refined product that screamed elegance and beauty. Granted I am not saying that the Nintendo Switch is hideous and the Nintendo Switch Lite was the answer because it’s not. The way I see it we haven’t seen the second version of the Nintendo Switch yet. The Lite is for the handheld market that is looking for an entry-level Switch that can probably take a drop or two.

The Nintendo Switch 2 or Nintendo Switch Pro as some are calling it, would enhance the first-gen model. Following other console reboots like the PlayStation and Xbox, there is no doubt it’ll include an improved CPU, faster/more ram, potentially larger storage, better battery life, 4K graphics, and perhaps controllers that don’t drift like crazy. I agree with James in terms of an upgraded dock as well. Aside from some USB connections, the dock is quite lackluster, and surprising to see that it doesn’t even have a LAN connection. I’d also love to see Bluetooth support and an update to Nintendo’s online community, but as James said earlier, given their track record I wouldn’t hold my breath. Even though Nintendo has been mum, I think we are poised to see a Nintendo Switch 2 or Nintendo Switch Pro in 2021.

What do you think? Will we see a new Nintendo Switch sooner than later? What should Nintendo call it? Let us know in the comments section below or on our gaming forums!

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Kevin May (TheCleverPotato)

I think its only natural to expect a new console from nintendo… Im not a big Nintendo follower, but it seems that they tend to crank our a new model ever 4-5 years. Though they have been impossible to keep on store shelved since March… It might not actually make a lot of sense to dilute those earnings with a new product until this demand for the switch starts to peter out.

And, Let’s not forget the demand and hype from the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. November/December 2021? Maybe. Seems to be Nintendo’s MO.

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