Nintendo Announces Nintendo Switch Lite

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After months of rumors Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch Lite. The new handheld console will be available on September 20th in three colors: yellow, gray, and turquoise for $199.99.

Nintendo’s handheld only console will not support output to a TV, therefore it will not include a dock or an HDMI cable. The Nintendo Switch Lite supports all handheld mode games in the Switch library. Games that support tabletop mode can be played by connecting Joy-Con controllers. To make it easier to decipher what systems are compatible with certain games, new box art will be added.

Switch Lite is smaller and slightly lighter than the current Nintendo Switch. Lite measures 3.6″ x 8.2″ vs. the Switch which is 4″ x 9.4″. It’s also .27lbs lighter, making it more portable. If you’re a fan of the larger touchscreen of the Nintendo Switch, the handheld may not be for you. Keep in mind that screens are measured diagonally making .7″ seem larger than it actually is, but the trade off in size will certainly enhance portability.

The battery life has been improved which can be a big advantage. The Nintendo Switch features a battery life of approximately 2.5 – 6.5 hours while the Nintendo Switch Lite is approximately 3-7 hours. While it doesn’t seem like a lot, every minute counts when your playing Super Smash Bros.

The Switch Lite may be ideal for gamers on the go who are seeking a more portable system. Check out the infographic that breaks down all the differences between the two systems. (

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