Mario Kart Tour Finally has a Launch Date

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Last month, Nintendo announced that Mario Kart Tour is coming to iOS and Android devices on September 25th. While this will be a free-to-start game, it will have in-game purchases. It’s slightly troubling that Nintendo is calling this a “Free-to-start” game and not a “Free-to-play game.” Rumors have put the in-game purchases to be anywhere from $.99 to $69.99. Will players really spend $69.99 on in-game purchases for a mobile game?

Players will race around real life inspired locations with players across the world. These course locations will include places like New York, Tokyo and Paris and will include familiar Mario landscape items like warp pipes. Newly re-designed classic courses will be available as well. Players will be able to collect drivers, karts and gliders much like the current Mario Kart 8 on Nintendo Switch.

In order to play, a Nintendo Account will be needed, which you can sign up for an account now at if needed. You can “pre-order” now so the game will automatically download when it’s available. Android Mario Kart Tour Pre-Orders & iOS Mario Kart Tour Pre-Orders

How will this version stack up to the Nintendo Switch version? Check out the game play video below.

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