PlayStation 5 Launching Late 2020

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We haven’t heard much about Sony’s next-gen console since April 2019. Many expected Sony to possibly make a huge announcement or debut at E3 but they had bowed out of E3 all together. sat down with Sony and broke the news that the PlayStation 5 will be coming in late 2020 amongst other details.

Sony appears to be overly excited about the inclusion of an SSD (Solid State Drive) in their latest iteration of the PlayStation. If any of you have built a PC you know that this is definitely something to be excited about as an SSD can increase the PC load times immensely. Only issue with SSDs is that they are generally smaller than their magnetic counterparts due to pricing. Sony’s hope is to reduce load times and bring back us back to the cartridge days with snappy load times. No cartridges being used here, the PlayStation 5 will utilize 100-GB optical discs. The optical drive will also double as a Blu-ray player. Do people even buy movies physically?

Installation Woes…

The Wired’s PlayStation 5 article also discussed game installation which is something that has frustrated gamers for years. During installation, gamers will have the ability to install features that they want. Think: Installing only the multiplayer game of “Call of Duty” and leaving off the single player campaign. The idea is to shorten the install times and save on HD space. I wouldn’t expect a large SSD to be included with the PlayStation 5. The smaller install sizes will take focus off the smaller internal hard drive. Will developers actually use this feature or will it be force by Sony? Think about how many games allow you to play during install which was a feature of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Not many…

DualShock 5?

Sony also revealed some information on their next-gen controller. New features are to include haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, improved speaker and a microphone. Rumors are that the new PS5 interface will include voice control which is I am most excited about the adaptive triggers. The article describes it as feeling the tension build has you pull back on a bow. These features will truly immerse gamers even more. The controller is also still under development but is described as looking like a DualShock 4. With Sony’s “unique” naming of the PlayStation 5 the theory is the new controller will be the DualShock 5.

Unfortunately Sony did not reveal the look of the PlayStation 5 itself. Maybe we will see Sony at E3 next year? Your move Microsoft.

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