iOS 14 to Support for Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

Reading Time: < 1 minute Its June, which means two things: E3 and Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and social distancing rules in effect, this year’s E3 has been canceled and Apple’s WWDC was a virtual only event. As we normally see, Apple released a slew of information pertaining to the latest Apple mobile device …

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Star Wars: Squadrons Announced For This October

Reading Time: 2 minutes Star Wars: Squadrons, a new addition to the Star Wars universe, was announced today by EA. EA announced yesterday afternoon the new title, Star Wars: Squadrons, with its official release trailer and game art. The game promises to be a big change from other recent Star Wars titles, being primarily a first-person space combat title, …

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Cyberpunk 2077 : Genital Augmentation?

Cyberpunk 2077 Logo

Reading Time: 2 minutes Perusing the internet recently, we stumbled across this interesting nugget about Cyberpunk 2077. Apparently, Cyberpunk 2077 will feature, among grusome scenes and unadulterated violence, the ability for players to augment the size of their genitals. Allow me to explain… Cyberpunk 2077, a hotly anticipated title from CD Projekt Red, hot on the heels of the …

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#MyDecadeOnXbox, Ten Years of Xbox Achievements

Xbox Achievements Decade in Review

Reading Time: < 1 minute Xbox Achievements are a great way to show off your gaming prowess. What if you want to show off a decade? Luckily, is celebrating the end of a decade with the hashtag: #MyDecadeOnXbox. Gamers are using the #MyDecadeOnXbox hashtag to show off their decade of gaming. The infographic goes further in detail than just …

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Are PS5 Leaks from 4chan Poster Dubious?

PlayStation 5 Logo - PS5

Reading Time: 3 minutes I reported here yesterday on PS5 leaked details that were thrown up online by an Anonymous 4chan poster. I got super-excited about some of those details. Like many others, I love new specs, and it was the knee-jerk reaction of a middle-age video game fanboy. Here is the thing though. That middle-aged fanboy calmed down …

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PlayStation 5 Details Leaked Possibly

PlayStation 5 Logo - PS5

Reading Time: 2 minutes Just days after Sony announced they won’t be at E3 2020, possible PlayStation 5 details were leaked online via an anonymous poster/leaker on 4chan. As previously reported via BGR, the anonymous leaker reveals a number of exciting and innovative details about the PS5. Included in the list of items is one feature that, more than …

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Next PlayStation 5 Logo Revealed

PlayStation Feature

Reading Time: < 1 minute PlayStation 5, perhaps a page out of Apple’s book, is not a very creative name. Sony has been using the PlayStation name for the past 25 years so why change it! It’s been working for the Apple iPhone, right? Has Sony shown some ingenuity with the PlayStation 5 logo? Nope! Sony revealed the new PlayStation …

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MLB: The Show Exclusivity Ends 2021

MLB: The Show coming to multiple consoles.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Usually by December we’re all thinking, “Can’t wait for the new year!” Not this year! This year I can’t wait for 2020 to end! One of the longest running and arguably the best baseball games of all times, MLB: The Show, will be going multiple platform in 2021. More details about this multi-year deal, like …

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PlayStation 5 Launching Late 2020

PlayStation Feature

Reading Time: 2 minutes We haven’t heard much about Sony’s next-gen console since April 2019. Many expected Sony to possibly make a huge announcement or debut at E3 but they had bowed out of E3 all together. sat down with Sony and broke the news that the PlayStation 5 will be coming in late 2020 amongst other details. …

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Heavy Rain Now Available on PC

Heavy Rain Title Logo

Reading Time: 2 minutes I am pretty sure that I wished this to happen. Heavy Rain, by Quantic Dream S.A launched today on PC via the Epic Games store! I was just thinking about the days that I had a PlayStation 3 and the hours I spent playing this title. This game was originally available on the PlayStation 3 …

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Update: Why Sony pulled out of E3

Reading Time: < 1 minute Yesterday we reported that Sony was skipping out of E3 in 2019. It turns out that back in September they reported on PlayStation Blogcast 308 that they won’t be having their PlayStation Experience in the States. The reasoning provided was “…we wouldn’t have enough to bring people all together in North America to have that …

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Sony skips out on E3 2019

Reading Time: < 1 minute Game Informer has reported that Sony Interactive Entertainment will not be at E3 in 2019. This comes after Sony having a presence at the yearly gaming event for 24 years. As the industry evolves, Sony Interactive Entertainment continues to look for inventive opportunities to engage the community,” the company told Game Informer in a statement. …

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PlayStation Classic Games Announced

Reading Time: < 1 minute Sony has finally revealed the 20 games that are loaded on the upcoming PlayStation Classic. Battle Arena Toshinden Cool Boarders 2 Destruction Derby Intelligent Qube Jumping Flash! Mr. Driller Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssee Rayman Resident Evil Directors Cut Revelations: Persona Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Syphon Filter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Wild Arms PlayStation Classic is …

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