House Shattered Update Warps Into Star Trek Online

Reading Time: 3 minutes Star Trek Online, the free-to-play MMO from Arc Games and Perfect World Entertainment, continues its “The Year of Klingon” epic with the release of its second Klingon-focused update, Star Trek Online: House Shattered. Announced yesterday on Xbox Wire and ARC News, the second installment in “The Year of Klingon”, House Shattered follows the House Divided …

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Ubisoft, Lucasfilm Games’ Enter New Partnership

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lucasfilm Games announced today that the Star Wars game producer is entering a new partnership with video gaming behemoth Ubisoft, with the goal of creating a brand new, open-world Star Wars game. IGN reported just days ago that Lucasfilm Games itself is a new venture, its formation having been announced just Monday in a posting …

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OtterBox Xbox Gaming Accessories Coming This Year

OtterBox logo

Reading Time: 4 minutes Despite the COVID-19 global pandemic, Microsoft has gone all-in on mobile gaming without creating a device by enabling Cloud Gaming and Remote Play for Xbox consoles and so far has been quite successful. These mobile gaming options are truly a great way to “bring” the Xbox anywhere but the one problem remains: Finding a way …

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The Medium Gameplay Trailer

The Medium - Dual Reality Gameplay

Reading Time: < 1 minute Microsoft posted a 14-minute long gameplay trailer for the upcoming psychological horror game, The Medium, from Bloober Team that is due out later this month. The Medium gameplay trailer shows how the player plays through the gameplay in a split-screen setting with the player interacting with objects in their environment in one half of the …

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HyperX Announces New Offerings at CES

Reading Time: 2 minutes HyperX, a brand of Kingston Technology Corp, announced new additions to its expanding gaming hardware line today as part of its presence at the CES 2021 Digital event. Additionally, HyperX is promoting some of its more recent additions to its line of popular gaming accessories, which range from a line of consumer grade and esports …

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Minecraft Earth Ending in 2021

Reading Time: 4 minutes Minecraft and Mojang Studios shared this week that, after just over two years since its release, Minecraft Earth, a mobile-based spin-off of the wildly popular sandbox game Minecraft, will be coming to an end later this year, much to the dismay of fans of the Minecraft franchise. In case you aren’t familiar with the title, …

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Cyberpunk 2077 and Why No One Should Buy It

Cyberpunk 2077 Logo

Reading Time: 3 minutes Before I explain why no one should buy Cyberpunk 2077 there needs to be a bit of a pre-explanation. There are certain things that I think we are starting to take for granted when it comes to gaming. Throughout the years, technology has changed so much that we’ve come to expect, and in some cases …

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Back 4 Blood Early Impressions…Very Early

Back 4 Blood Early Impressions

Reading Time: 4 minutes Since the 17th, thousands of gamers got a chance to join the Back 4 Blood pre-alpha playtest for the first time and we were also lucky enough to get in ourselves. Many gamers have been holding on to hope that Left 4 Dead 3 was in the works and even though Left 4 Dead 3 …

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Back 4 Blood Pre-Order Now Available

Back 4 Blood Pre-orders now available

Reading Time: < 1 minute A lot has happened the last week with regards to Turtle Rock Studios’ latest zombie shooter, Back 4 Blood. Not only did we finally get to see a bunch of Back 4 Blood gameplay footage we also got a cinematic trailer giving us a first glance into the storyline. If that wasn’t enough, Turtle Rock …

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Minecraft Dungeons Seasonal Event – Chills and Thrills

Minecraft Dungeons Seasonal Event Chills and Thrills

Reading Time: < 1 minute Looking for some fun exclusive loot in Minecraft Dungeons? You may want to get on your snow boots and join the Chills and Thrills seasonal event, which Microsoft just announced, is going on starting today and going through December 30th. While December is the season of giving, Minecraft Dungeons seasonal event Chills and Thrills free …

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