#MyDecadeOnXbox, Ten Years of Xbox Achievements

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Xbox Achievements are a great way to show off your gaming prowess. What if you want to show off a decade? Luckily, TrueAchievements.com is celebrating the end of a decade with the hashtag: #MyDecadeOnXbox.

Gamers are using the #MyDecadeOnXbox hashtag to show off their decade of gaming. The infographic goes further in detail than just showing off achievements. Instead, it highlights your rare achievements, platform breakdown, as well as your top played genre. Another example is, Value of Games. Yikes! Below is an example of the information that is outputted. You can clearly see it’s very detailed and eye opening.

If you’re not familiar with TrueAchievements.com, you should certainly check it out. By linking your Xbox Live gamertag, users are able to see all sorts of stats regarding your game play. Charts that show best Xbox achievements, remaining achievements, overall completion, etc. It’s very detailed and you can fall down a rabbit hole quickly, digging through all the information. Had I known they were going to do this, I would have gamed a lot harder! Guess I have the 2020’s to work on.

If you game on other platforms like PC and PlayStation all is not lost. For those of you on Steam, you can check out TrueSteamAchievements.com. If you’re more of a PlayStation gamer, then check out TrueTrophies.com.

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