Confused: Xbox Series X or the Xbox One X

Amazon Fail

Reading Time: < 1 minute Do you know someone who is confused with the Xbox Series X naming convention? If you’re like me and about 90% of the internet, you’ll agree that the Xbox namesake got very messy when the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S was announced. If you haven’t heard, today was the day for the Xbox …

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How to find an Xbox Series X | S

Xbox Series X|S Optimized Games

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Xbox Series X | S pre-order availability was a complete mess this morning. Some folks got lucky and some didn’t which begins the hunt for the Xbox Series X | S for many. The methods below are what I have used in the past to secure hard-to-get items like video game consoles. Mileage may …

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Microsoft xCloud Streaming Game Service Now Live

Xbox game streaming coming to iPhone and iPad

Reading Time: 3 minutes Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, xCloud, has officially left beta testing, debuting Tuesday for all Xbox Game Pass user. After several months of testing, the xCloud gaming service is officially off the ground and available to Android users across a wide array of Android based devices. Microsoft officially announced the news on Monday, Sept 14th. Microsoft …

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Release is Nov 13th

Reading Time: 2 minutes We learned yesterday first from Endgadget that Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has an official release date. That date is November 13th. The latest title in the Call of Duty saga is centered around the conspiracy of Perseus, a rumored Soviet intelligence operative who operated during the Cold War to infiltrate various US …

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Xbox Series X Release Date, What We Know Now

Xbox Series X Logo

Reading Time: 2 minutes One of the biggest questions asked in the gaming community is, “When are we going to find out the Xbox Series X release date?” We learned back in December 2019 that the Xbox Series X, once Project Scarlett, will be coming out Holiday 2020, but no other details regarding price, pre-orders, or a specific date …

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Grounded Patch: Getting the “Bugs” Out

Reading Time: 2 minutes It has been nearly three weeks since Grounded, the shrunk down in the backyard survival game from Microsoft Games developer Obsidian Entertainment, landed on Game Pass, the Microsoft Store and Steam. With thousands of players having investing many hours in-game teasing out crashes, bugs, and other issues, Grounded’s Patch 0.1.2 landed this week, correcting a …

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iOS xCloud Ends Early

Xbox Live App Logo

Reading Time: 2 minutes Microsoft’s development and testing of its xCloud service for iOS, which has been out and available for testing by iOS users since early this year, has come to an end earlier than expected. We learned first today via about the termination of the xCloud for iOS services, likely disappointing droves of excited iOS and …

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Grounded : First Impressions

Reading Time: 5 minutes Grounded – the single/multiplayer survival game from Obsidian Games, came available on Xbox and PC on Tuesday, thanks to a pre-release of the game. We talked about this title last week, as it was presented as part of the Xbox Game Showcase 2020, and are getting a much more in-depth look at the game this …

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Xbox Games Showcase 2020 Redux

Reading Time: 5 minutes Microsoft held its Xbox Games Showcase 2020 today, released a lot of new game footage and trailers from an assortment of upcoming games. The event showed off some great gameplay footage from Halo Infinite, a trailer for The Medium, and an assortment of other titles. There was no lack of self back-patting on Xbox’s behalf, …

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Xbox Live Gold Annual Is No More

Xbox Series X Boot Animation

Reading Time: 2 minutes Its been a good run, but it looks like big changes could be coming to Microsoft Xbox’s various subscription services. The first victim? The Xbox Live Gold program. The first sacrifice made to the digital services gods? The 12-month Xbox Live Gold Annual membership. We learned initially vie a tweet by @gamespot today that it …

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