Confused: Xbox Series X or the Xbox One X

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Do you know someone who is confused with the Xbox Series X naming convention? If you’re like me and about 90% of the internet, you’ll agree that the Xbox namesake got very messy when the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S was announced. If you haven’t heard, today was the day for the Xbox Series X | S pre-orders, and retailer errors may not be 100% at fault for you not getting an Xbox Series X. It seems that many potential buyers bought the Xbox One X instead due to the confusion of the name.

With all the Xbox Series X | S pre-order issues, some shoppers may have either gave up or purchased an Xbox One X in error. The Xbox One X gained a ton of traction on Amazon’s “Movers and Shakers” and jumped, at the time of this writing, to a sales rank of 317 from 1,685 which is a 431% increase in sales. Whoops!

It’s a costly, yet very easy error to make. Be specific in your words when telling family members or some really damn good friends, what to buy you for a gift. Write it down, send them a link, or ask for a gift card so they can’t get confused by the Xbox Series X and Xbox One X.

Xbox Series X pre-orders are all just about gone but if you’re still looking, you could still get lucky.

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