Additional PlayStation 5 Pre-orders Available

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After the unsurprisingly disasterous launch of pre-orders for both the PlayStation 5 last week, and subsequently the Xbox Series X/S this week, a bit of good news came in the form of a tweet this morning from GameStop. GameStop announced at about 10:00 AM Thursday that it has been able to secure additional PlayStation 5 consoles, and will be making those available through a second round of pre-orders for the PlayStation 5.

According to their Tweet – additional pre-orders of the PlayStation 5 console will be available for pre-orders through both GameStop’s website and in stores tomorrow. No word on how many consoles the chain has been able to secure pre-orders for, nor at what time the pre-orders will launch on Friday via the website. A quick skimming through the comments did yield a few additional details from replies GameStop made to some user comments.

Some additional details that GameStop announced included the fact that these pre-orders are for full disc-based systems, and they have not yet secured additional pre-sale inventory of the cheaper ($399) PlayStation 5 all-digital. Twitter user Cadel (@homeboy_delio) was one of several users who inquired about the prospect of pre-orders of the digital only version, to which GameStop had little to offer other than to say they are working on it.

Just like the PlayStation 5, some users had the Xbox Series X on their minds, for which the pre-orders that went live for the new Xbox flagship device, and were gone virtually moments after the pre-orders opened up at 8:00 AM PST this past Tuesday. Many prospective buyers (including our own Jason, James, and myself) experienced either the crashing of Target and Walmart’s order pages immediately, or finding delayed openings of Newegg and Best Buy’s pre-orders listings, only to have them either crash or show as already sold out the moment they finally went live.

GameStop had nothing to offer on the Xbox front, other than to offer a “no news” response to one twitter user’s questions.

As far as the additional pre-orders of a PlayStation 5 from GameStop – if you are looking to make a go at this second round of pre-orders, you may be best served to go camp out at the front door of your local GameStop to try to place the order in person. GameSpot conspicuously avoided suggesting a time of day that these orders will go live online tomorrow. We’ve asked and are waiting for a response. If we get that, we will be passing it along. Even so, with the forewarning, there is a good chance that any effort online users make to “get in line” will probably be defeated by others, especially scammers and scalpers, who will take the opportunity to set up bots to steal spots in line.

However, if you are desperate to give your money away, than you might consider being like these guys… One (@Graydemonwolf) who responded to GameStop’s tweet that he would be camped out “like a madman 2 hours early” for his PlayStation 5 pre-orders (amateur), only to be outdone by true madman @Comrade_Zach_ who is already camped out at his local store, mere minutes after the announcement. (We assume he will be camped out there for roughly the next 48 days.)

While all of us here are excited for the new generation of consoles, none of us has a level of commitment as @Comrade_Zach_ here.

Have you been able to get in on a new Xbox or PlayStation 5 via Pre-Orders? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments, and check out our new forums!

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