GameStop Offers More PlayStation 5’s: Are They Gone?

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Thursday, GameStop announced that it had would (miraculously) be offering additional pre-orders for the PlayStation 5, that (somehow) it had secured additional inventory of the new PlayStation 5 console that is due out in November. Though they didn’t give an exact time, GameStop did comment on Twitter that it would have more units available for pre-order Friday, both online and in stores.

Well, Friday morning rolled around and….. well we don’t truly know. We do know a couple of things.. One – if you visited the page this morning, there is a good chance you were greeted with the below. In an effort to not overwhelm the site, GameStop is wait-rooming visitors to the page. You’ll essentially get placed in a waiting line outside the door to the virtual store, and as users leave the site, they will allow more users on.

PlayStation 5 preorders through GameStop
Image Credit : Super Co-Op Bros

We also know that GameStop said there would be more pre-orders this morning. There is no actual proof that it has already happened, or that it is ever actually happening. In any event, once you got past the waiting room and calmly located the PlayStation 5 listing, you would have found the following. A big, fat “not available.”

PlayStation 5 preorders through GameStop
Image Credit : Super Co-Op Bros

Is there any surprise to this? We don’t think so. Its entirely possible that the pre-orders haven’t actually gone live yet. Remember, we reached out to GameStop yesterday to ask about the pre-orders, and if there was any expected time for the pre-orders to start? We could easily assume that they started when doors opened at local GameStop stores… As far as the online store though? Well, our post received a response in the form of crickets. We were not alone, as numerous other users that replied to GameStop’s tweet were answered with an equal level of silence.

It is entirely possible that GameStop is playing a waiting game and will just randomly and without warning, put the pre-order site up. After all, when Sony PlayStation announced pre-orders last week, it was on VERY short notice, and retailers like Walmart didn’t even wait for the officially announced time to start taking those pre-orders. Chaos ensued, and many a gamer was disappointed and the disarray and confusion PS5 and its retail partners caused.

So did anyone think there would be more organization from GameStop today? With GameStop offering notice of the PlayStation 5 pre-orders for today, but without any time announcement and without having actually seen a live listing, it might make some wonder whether GameStop legit even had more pre-orders to offer. Was this just a stunt to drive traffic to their site and keep them relevant? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Post below and check out our PS5 Forum topic!

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