GameStop Offers More PlayStation 5’s: Are They Gone?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Thursday, GameStop announced that it had would (miraculously) be offering additional pre-orders for the PlayStation 5, that (somehow) it had secured additional inventory of the new PlayStation 5 console that is due out in November. Though they didn’t give an exact time, GameStop did comment on Twitter that it would have more units available for …

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Additional PlayStation 5 Pre-orders Available

Reading Time: 3 minutes After the unsurprisingly disasterous launch of pre-orders for both the PlayStation 5 last week, and subsequently the Xbox Series X/S this week, a bit of good news came in the form of a tweet this morning from GameStop. GameStop announced at about 10:00 AM Thursday that it has been able to secure additional PlayStation 5 …

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Xbox Series X | S Pre-orders Available Sept. 22

Xbox Series X|S Quick resume

Reading Time: < 1 minute You’ve heard the news surrounding the Xbox Series X | S pre-orders and undoubtedly been scratching your head as to which version of the Xbox Series you’ll be getting.  Will you be going all out and buying the Xbox Series X with its 4K support, 1 TB capacity, and 12.15 teraflops of power or the …

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Are “Digital Edition” Consoles Worth It?

Digital Edition Consoles Good or Bad?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Last Christmas, after experiencing the real struggle of living in a household with one Xbox, one 40 year-old video game junkie (that’s me) and one teenager video game junkie (that’s my daughter), we relented and bought my daughter a Xbox One Digital Edition (in bright white.) The benefits were immediate. No more fighting over the …

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GameStop Cancelling Some LE Kingdom Hearts III PlayStation 4 Orders

Reading Time: < 1 minute GameStop tweeted out that they have accidentally oversold the Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PlayStation 4 consoles and have had to cancel some preorders. Those customers who are effected with be given a $25 gift coupon for the inconvenience. Is $25 enough for the inconvenience? We don’t know how many orders have been cancelled but …

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