Xbox Series X Pre-Orders Over?

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It looks as though that most if not all Xbox Series X pre-orders have been sold out. Like with the PlayStation 5, many retailers had issues that started at 11 am EST when the Xbox Series X | S pre-order dropped. Despite following our own pre-order guide, I too had many issues with payment and availability but ultimately got lucky with Target. How did you fair?

I targeted Target and Best Buy as my best online locations to secure an Xbox Series X. Target’s online pre-orders went online at exactly 11 am EST but Best Buy, although others got out of stock errors, continued to show “Coming Soon.” Even though I was able to ultimately get one through Target, it wasn’t without its challenges.

Eve though the pre-order button was now available, it took many tries to get it to add it to the cart. Most of the times met with either nothing happening or “maximum quantity of this item has already been added to your cart” despite not having a single console selected. The problems didn’t end there though, as check out was even still more of a problem since Target was continually defaulting to a previous payment type. Finally, after payment was resolved clicking the “Place Order” button was met with no results or multiple errors to finally seeing….”This product is no longer available.” Nevertheless, one of them went through and I got lucky.

What should you do if you haven’t been able to secure one? Keep checking and don’t give up. There is no doubt that final launch numbers have not been realized or at least communicated to retailers. Retailers are not going to take too many pre-orders if they are unsure of whether or not they can fill them. Just like Sony said regarding PlayStation 5, more stock is on the way even though Microsoft hasn’t confirmed this yet.

My advise? Don’t wait for the launch. If the Nintendo Switch stock levels from the last 5-6 months are any indication along with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S Pre-orders then November 10th is not going to be a good day to attempt to secure one unless you are ready to camp out.

In the meantime, check out out our Xbox Series X | S Information and Guide for tips for pre-ordering while it was written for today, it still contains a good listing of locations to order from and steps you should take to secure a pre-order on an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

Were you able to secure a Xbox Series X Pre-order? Let us know in our new forums section!

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