Target Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders?

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Right off the bat- file this in the “unconfirmed and just speculation” bin. While checking for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X pre-orders, I noticed something odd about Target’s console product pages… Both the Xbox Series X AND the PlayStation 5 show up as “Pre-Order Now” on their respective product pages. Is Target planning to release additional Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 pre-orders soon?

Interestingly enough, the disc versions are the only ones showing as “Pre-Order Now,” but not their digital siblings, which state “Preorders have sold out.” This could be merely a glitch in the matrix, or it might be something to keep a close eye on, given the current state of pre-orders, as a “just in case.”

Possible additional stock of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5  pre-orders
Target Search for Xbox Series X

While the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 pre-orders have been absolutely terrible, it’s not surprising that additional stock levels/pre-orders would be made available in the coming weeks, as production is underway. In the past, Sundays have also generally been a good day, with announcements by retailers like Target and Best Buy, so there could be something behind this… and then again, it may just be me looking for any sign of an opportunity, no matter how obscure.

As a public service – I am bringing this to your attention as it’s something that I would be keeping my eyes open to if I was trying to grab either an Xbox Series X or a PlayStation 5. (Fortunately, I got lucky on day one with a Series X… don’t be a hater.) If you get lucky here at Target or find additional stock elsewhere, make sure you share it with your fellow gamers on our “Hard to Find” Forums, in our new community section. Of course, make sure you do this only after you pre-order your own. 😉

Good luck and happy hunting!

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