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If you’re looking for a quick action multiplayer game that you can play with your friends, either locally or online, I may have the game for you. Despite coming out over two years ago, in June 2018, Among Us has found sudden and extreme popularity recently, thanks to YouTube streamers, who have picked up the game and taken in viral. Before we go further though, its important to have an idea of what Among Us is all about. So, let’s explain what it is and how it works.

In Among Us, you are a member of a group of players ranging in size from 4-10 people. You are traveling on a ship together with the other players as part of the “crew.” One or more of the players in the group is an imposter and is attempting to sabotage the ship. All the players must work together to determine which one of the players is/are the imposter(s) who are trying to sabotage the ship. Depending on how the game is set up and how many players are participating, each game may have from 1-3 imposters. The imposters are randomly selected after the game starts, so none of the players will know until they have joined and begun the game who those people are. Each of the crew must run around the ship performing various tasks to bring the ship online. During this time, the imposter(s) are running around, blending in with the crew while attempting to sabotage the ship and killing the crew.

The game is over when either 1) the crew completes all their tasks; 2) the crew uncovers the imposter(s); or 3) the imposter(s) succeed in killing the entire crew. Among Us has some tricks up its sleeves though: mainly, the crew on the ship cannot talk to or communicate with each other, outside of the point where the time arrives to vote one who the crew thinks the imposter(s) are. This occurs when a dead crew member is found, or someone calls an emergency meeting. The players that are alive at that point all communicate (via in-game text) and try to formulate who the imposter(s) are, while the ghosts of the (dead) crew members look on. However, the dead crew members can only communicate with other dead, so they cannot tip off the living crewmembers as to the identity of their killer(s). Once the crew has finished conversing, they can either skip taking a vote, or vote on who they think the imposter(s) are. The player who receives the most “imposter” votes, gets ejected from the ship and the game continues, unless the player that gets the most votes was the imposter, in which case, the crew wins and the game is over.

Among Us Review

I had never heard of Among Us prior to downloading it to my iPhone and playing for three hours straight. I was the imposter several times, but most of my runs through the game I was playing as a member of the crew. My plan wasn’t actually to play for three hours straight so I could write this review… I played three hours straight because the game was incredibly fun, addicting, and maybe a little (or very) paranoia-inducing. I began to question everyone’s motives and actions, while oftentimes pleading for my own life so I didn’t get voted off the ship, even when I wasn’t the imposter. As for playing as a member of the crew, the tasks that the crew need to perform were simplistic, and yet not repetitive or tedious and actually made it feel like you were doing something for the ship. Some of the tasks included pressing buttons, entering codes, repairing wires, or emptying trash, but there are many more. This is important because it is your primary job when you are not discussing who the imposter could be.

Finding a game to join was fairly easy, but your “mileage may vary,” because finding a game and finding a QUALITY community to play with are very different things, indeed. Given the fact that this game is having a sudden rise in popularity, there were a lot of new players, meaning a lot of players that don’t have a clue how to play any more than I did, to begin with. I also encountered a small number of disruptive players who spoke inappropriately and were rude to myself and other players. Luckily this is not a massive problem, but important to be aware that you will come across gamers like this, which can be frustrating. Luckily, there is a chat filter to filter out obscene words and the games are short enough that if you’re with a bad crew, you can always bounce.

Another thing to note, there are a number of customization options for the host to choose from to make each game a little more unique. The host can choose between 3 maps, # of imposters, # of Emergency Meetings, as well as character run speed and type and frequency of tasks to include to name a few.

The Verdict

I absolutely friggin’ love this game. I can’t explain how many hours I have put into Among Us, always hoping that during the next match I will get to play as an imposter, which is just my favorite role. With its simplistic graphics, quick game sessions, and fun interactions, I find myself wanting to pick up the game every time I put it down. I don’t understand how Among Us didn’t grab national and worldwide headlines 2 years ago in 2018 when it first launched, but I don’t regret having finding a new addiction in it now.

Among Us is published by InnerSloth and is available for Apple App Store, Google Play Store, for free and on Steam for $4.99. The mobile free versions include ads but do include microtransactions to remove them. Both the mobile versions and the Steam versions have an in-game store where you can purchase pets and additional skins. Multiplayer gameplay is done through local and online play via private or public matches. Check out the game trailer below.

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Kevin May (TheCleverPotato)

This looks like a pretty slick game. I love the idea, though I can’t say the idea of having other rude or harassing players is terribly appealing. But it would be cool to get a good size group of friends together and play a few rounds, especially if you can find 7 friends to invite. Seems like it would be better with a maxed out group.. would make it a lot more interesting.

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