Among Us Launches on Nintendo Switch

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Among Us, the hit multiplayer casual party action/mystery title from Innersloth that debuted in 2018, but shot to popularity earlier this year, having became a sensation among Twitch users and streamers, got a Nintendo Switch release today, as was announced during Nintendo’s Indie World presentation. The title became a popular download from the Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store, where it has been available free and is also available for PC via Steam for $4.99.

Among Us is an ingenious game, which we spent some time reviewing earlier this year. Among Us puts 4-10 players traveling in outer space on a space ship, where they are given a range of tasks to complete to keep the ship operational. However, one of the players is assigned the role of “imposter,” and it is up to the other players to tease out who among them is the imposter before that person has the opportunity to sabotage the ship. Players can vote to kick someone out of the nearest airlock if they collectively think that they have found the imposter Among Us.

Among Us for Nintendo Switch trailer

Among Us for Nintendo Switch will feature the same premise and gameplay as full cross-platform play is supported from the Switch version to all other supported platforms. Much like its Steam counterpart, the Nintendo Switch Version is available from the Nintendo eShop for $5.00 as a digital download only, and became available on Tuesday afternoon.

In addition to the title, Among Us for Switch players have the recently announced map update to look forward to early next year, titled “The Airship.” No indications if there will be any charge for this DLC or an exact release date yet, but that leaves plenty of time for playing plenty of rounds of Among Us on the Switch and other devices in the meantime!

Check out the Nintendo Indie World presentation on Among Us below!

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