Grounded Patch: Getting the “Bugs” Out

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It has been nearly three weeks since Grounded, the shrunk down in the backyard survival game from Microsoft Games developer Obsidian Entertainment, landed on Game Pass, the Microsoft Store and Steam. With thousands of players having investing many hours in-game teasing out crashes, bugs, and other issues, Grounded’s Patch 0.1.2 landed this week, correcting a litany of major and minor problems.

The initial frenzy of sales and downloading of the game that occurred in the first few days resulted in 1 million players signing on in the first 48 hours. While this has perhaps calmed a bit, with the title dropping from #1 in the Steam Store two weeks ago to the #7 spot today, Grounded continues to garner new users and new interest. Earlier this week, we had the chance to interview Adam Brennecke about some of the curiosities and inspirations for Grounded, and pondered just why it is that Grounded has become loved by so many, so quickly.

As the pre-release of Grounded serves as one giant open-beta test program, players can expect regular updates to the game to fix crashes that are being discovered as thousands of users spend hours upon hours. We are expecting near weekly updates, especially in these early weeks of the pre-release gameplay. The latest release, patch 0.1.2 landed this week to fix a whole assortment of major and minor issues with gameplay, items/resources and UI issues.

Here are the full patch notes from Grounded patch 0.1.2:


Have you played Grounded yet? We’ve spent a good amount of time playing already, so check out our Grounded first-impressions preview, get some behind-the-scenes insight with our exclusive interview with Grounded Lead Developer, Adam Brennecke, and keep checking back here at Super Co-Op Bros as we keep you updated with the latest on Grounded.

We’d love to hear what you think about Grounded! Check out and comment on the accompanying articles!

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Glad to see that they’re responding to issues and patching so quickly. Looking forward to their August content update!!!

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