Coop Grounded from Obsidian, a Game Pass Gem

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Obisidian’s Grounded, a backyard multiplayer coop survival adventure, is an absolute Xbox Game Pass gem. Yesterday, we reported that this multiplayer survival game had taken the number 1 spot on the Steam charts. Today, Grounded’s game director, Adam Brennecke, announced that Grounded has 1 million players in 48 hours.

Adam Brennecke thanked the million or so players that checked out the backyard and that it’s “amazing… blown away… and overjoyed with all the support they are receiving.”

Adam also announced that they will be delivering monthly updates with eh first coming on August 27th. No other information was given on the updates other than stay tuned as more information will be announced as we get closer to August 27th.

From what we’ve played so far we’re impressed, and as we continue to play through this coop survival adventure, check out our Grounded first impressions article. Join us tonight as we stream live via our SuperCoOpBros Twitch channel.

Grounded – Coop Multiplayer Fun

If you’re not familiar, Grounded is a backyard survival game where you are shrunken down to the size of an ant, think Honey I Shrunk the Kids. There you need to gather, craft, explore, build, and fight in this incredibly detailed and dangerous backyard. Grounded supports single-player play and online coop for up to 4 players. Cross-platform play is not yet available.

Grounded is included with Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC, and is available for purchase through Xbox Game Preview, the Microsoft Store, and Steam Early Access for $29.99!

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[…] down in the backyard survival game from Microsoft Games developer Obsidian Entertainment, landed on Game Pass, the Microsoft Store and Steam. With thousands of players having investing many hours in-game […]

[…] Additionally, the Grounded August content update features another widely anticipated addition: the expansion of questing available via the quirky, stuttering and lovable robot, BURG.L, which include “Chipsleuth” quests, that will have players exploring “to find missing BURG.L chips” and “Artificer” quests, which challenges player to craft specific items for the quest goal. These and other quests will award the games main currency, “Raw Science,” which players can then spend on goodies and upgrades from BURG.L’s Chip Swap Shop. Grounded has also added “Perks”, another new feature which allows players to select up to 3 mutations that can be applied to their character to enhance their survival chances in the the backyard. Some of the new features will also enhance co-op play. […]

[…] truth, I also briefly played Grounded, Neir Automata and loaded Sea of Thieves, just to see how they would work, and haven’t spent […]

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