Grounded Content Update Comes to the Backyard

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Obsidian Entertainment’s most recent success story, Grounded, released its first major content update for the fledgling pre-release title, since its initial pre-release went live in late July. The official release announcement of the release went out today via the official site and Grounded’s Twitter account, accompanied by release notes, an updated “Thank You Trailer” which thanks the “millions of players” that have downloaded and tried out the game on Xbox and PC, and a live stream event Grounded hosted @ 1:00 pm PST today on Wednesday.

Some of the new features revealed in the content update include a giant black bird, whose feathers will be collectible for us in a number of different crafted items.

Additionally, the Grounded August content update features another widely anticipated addition: the expansion of questing available via the quirky, stuttering and lovable robot, BURG.L, which include “Chipsleuth” quests, that will have players exploring “to find missing BURG.L chips” and “Artificer” quests, which challenges player to craft specific items for the quest goal. These and other quests will award the games main currency, “Raw Science,” which players can then spend on goodies and upgrades from BURG.L’s Chip Swap Shop. Grounded has also added “Perks”, another new feature which allows players to select up to 3 mutations that can be applied to their character to enhance their survival chances in the the backyard. Some of the new features will also enhance co-op play.

Shyla Schofield, Grounded’s Social Media Manager, shows off new features in Episode 5 of the Grounded Developer Vlog episode 5.

Below are a listing of the new features from yesterday’s Grounded content update notes for the August 26th update release. The full list of changes is far too long to list here in it’s entirety, so check it out on Obsidian’s official page. It is a heavy list of updates and changes, and its reasonable to expect that with the release of so many updates and enhancements, that there is a good chance of a patch to fix some as-yet unknown bugs in this update will be coming within a matter of days. After its initial pre-release release on July 28th, it was only 8 days before the first patch came out. With the pre-release being essentially giant beta-test for the final product, we can expect as these large chunks of new content come out, some major cleanups being necessary.

Via Obsidian’s Grounded

This is just a partial list of the update notes. Seriously, its a mile long, with a whole lot of big and little changes. Frankly, among everything on this list, the thing that has us the most freaked out is that “Spiders learned a new set of attacks to choose from instead of just their basic bite.” Uhh, seriously? I’m pretty sure the spiders were doing just fine, without “learning” new tricks.

Grounded 0.2.0 release notes (partial)

Grounded remains a popular pre-release, maintaining #12 on the Steam Store after slipping from its initial debut at #1 on the Steam charts. It also remains among the top games on the Microsoft Store and Game Pass. We will be testing out the newest Grounded content we received via the content update, and will be giving feedback on much of the new functionality, so stay connected here. If you are a fan of Grounded, check out our recent interview with Adam Brennecke, and if you are already playing the new content, let us know what you think in the comments below!

Grounded “Thank You Trailer” with release 0.2.0
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