Coop Grounded from Obsidian, a Game Pass Gem

Grounded Logo Xbox Game Pass

Obisidian’s Grounded, a backyard multiplayer coop survival adventure, is an absolute Xbox Game Pass gem. Yesterday, we reported that this multiplayer survival game had taken the number 1 spot on the Steam charts. Today, Grounded’s game director, Adam Brennecke, announced that Grounded has 1 million players in 48 hours. Adam Brennecke thanked the million or …

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Xbox Games Showcase 2020 Redux

Microsoft held its Xbox Games Showcase 2020 today, released a lot of new game footage and trailers from an assortment of upcoming games. The event showed off some great gameplay footage from Halo Infinite, a trailer for The Medium, and an assortment of other titles. There was no lack of self back-patting on Xbox’s behalf, …

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