Xbox Games Showcase 2020 Redux

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Microsoft held its Xbox Games Showcase 2020 today, released a lot of new game footage and trailers from an assortment of upcoming games. The event showed off some great gameplay footage from Halo Infinite, a trailer for The Medium, and an assortment of other titles.

There was no lack of self back-patting on Xbox’s behalf, with the Xbox team opening their news release on the official Xbox News page with the opening declaration “Introducing the Largest, Most Creatively Diverse Games Lineup in Console History, Led by Halo Infinite.” A bold statement to live up to.

Microsoft led the event with, arguably, the most widely anticipated content of the day – Halo Infinite and State of Decay 3. Its counter-intuitive to lead with your biggest story, but its a good hook, and there was quite a bit of big-name topics in the Showcase today.

Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox, noted that today’s showcase features titles coming from 9 of Xbox’s 15 Xbox game studios, and noted that the titles would be available to all Xbox Game Pass members as part of the “free to play” aspect of the service, and that all the titles presented represented titles that would “look and play best on Xbox Series X.”

So, without further ado, here are out highlights from today’s event!

The Medium

We first heard about The Medium from the developers at Bloober Team. The self-described “independent developers of psychological-horror games unlike any other on the market” have been working on The Medium, and the trailer today did not disappoint.

The Medium is a psychological horror/thriller styled storyline, with the player in the roll of the stories protagonist, a psychic medium who is trying to solve a mystery that requires her to user her psychic powers to explore a dual-reality universe. To solve the mystery, she must use these abilities to solve various puzzles and investigate the secrets of her world. Her psychic powers give her the ability to see two realities in her universe, and she must explore both these worlds to put the pieces together.

The Medium features a first-of-its-kind gameplay concept – the game play is done in third-person, in a “dual reality” landscape. Simply put – the player experiences both realities in a split-screen format, with the character moving through both realities as the same time. While the universes overlap in their layout, each reality has its own unique obstacles, clues, and characters to interact with, with these elements existing in only on or the other universe.

We are excited to try out this title, and are highly anticipating a release date being announced soon (none has been given so far.) The title will be available on PC (via Steam) and on Xbox, and pre-orders are already being accepted for both platforms. (Of course, this, as the other titles here, are included with Xbox Gamepass Ultimate.)

Check out the trailer below, and read additional analysis from our earlier post today.

Medium Game Trailer

Some other titles from the Poland-based Bloober Team include other psychological thrillers Blair Witch, and Layers Of Fear/Layers of Fear 2. Additionally, Observer System Redux is due out this holiday season.


Fable is coming to the Xbox Series X

We posted about this earlier, but we can’t fail to mention it again – Fable, from Playground Games, will be coming to the Xbox Series X. As we noted earlier, its not clear if this is a reboot of of the series or an all new addition to the long-lived series in the from of a Fable 4. The brief video is merely a teaser that we can expect bigger news about the fact that something is happening, and it has to do with Fable and Xbox Series X. Not clarify any, the text from only speaks of “A new beginning for the legendary franchise.”

Fable World Premier Trailer

Forza Motorsport

In the works from Turn10 Studios is the next iteration of the highly popular and rare to disappoint Forza Motorsport franchise.

According to Phil Spencer, talking about the next gen Series X hardware’s capabilities, Turn10 Studios is working to “push the limits” of the Xbox Series X performance capabilities. As we would expect, the next Forza Motorsports will feature advanced graphics, taking advantage of the Series X ray tracing capabilities, native 4k resolution at 60 FPS.

The trailer for Forza Motorsport (which, we assume will receive the final, though unimaginative title “Forza Motorsport 8”) features video fully captured from in-game footage pumped out on the new Xbox Series X. Hold on to your racing-game chairs. If you don’t own a racing wheel and pedals… You might want to start saving now.

Forza Motorsport Xbox Series X trailer

State of Decay 3

There isn’t a lot to comment on here, but we are excited to see that there will be more zombie killing going on in our futures, as State of Decay 3 is in the works. A brief teaser trailer was aired and suggests that we won’t be just fighting off hordes of zombie bipeds in the upcoming title. (Stick with us here and watch the trailer…)

State of Decay 3 Trailer


Winning the award for most tongue-in-cheek trailers of the day* is Obsidian Entertainment, for their upcoming titles Grounded and The Outer Worlds:Peril on Gorgon. (*Not an actual award, we just made it up.)

Grounded looks to be a quirky, animated adventure game which drops players into a universe where they have been shrunk down to the size of insects, and must build and explore to survive in the wild.. of their backyard. (Sounds like a movie I saw once.) Declaring that “if you are waiting for the biggest game of the year…..then wait for Cyberpunk….” this multi-player title and its trailer are chock-full-of puns, dad jokes, and other random silliness, and really makes us want to play, because, who doesn’t like a “good” dad joke?

Besides, who doesn’t want to “feed their friend to the spiders?”

Grounded will be available to play on Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access on July 28th.

Grounded World Premier Trailer

The Outer Worlds:Peril on Gorgon is the first of two expansion story packs to arrive for The Outer Worlds. Peril of Gorgon will be available on Sept 9th.

The Outer Worlds:Peril of Gorgon XP trailer


Also from Obsidian Entertainment (this was a big day for them) came the world premier trailer for Avowed- “an expasive first person RPG set in the world of The Aura.” The title is still in development, with no release date announced.

Avowed World Premier Trailer

Warhammer 40,000 Dark Tide

Warhammer Dark Tide Official Announcement Trailer

Halo Infinite

Leading the enitre Xbox Games Showcase was a 9-minute official campaign-mode gameplay trailer captured right out of Halo Infinite . The newest Halo title, the gameplay trailer drops us directly into the action, showing off some pretty impressive game mechanics, various gameplay POVs, weapons, equipment, characters and action. Though we have limited gameplay time in previous Halo titles, we found ourselves interested and excited to get a chance to see the game footage, and wanting to jump in and play ourselves.

Halo Infinite Gameplay Trailer

These were the titles that spoke to us the most, but the Xbox Game Showcase was loaded with a whole lot of other world premier trailers that might speak to you. You can see the full breakdown from Xbox News, and watch the full hour-long event below.

Xbox Games Showcase- Full Show

Saw something you liked? Something you are excited for? Did we miss something that spoke to you? Comment below and be part of the conversation!

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