Xbox Series X|S Official Walkthrough Shows Off New Details

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Xbox released an official Xbox Series X|S walkthrough today via YouTube giving us a short glimpse of what to expect from the November 10th launch, now just 2 weeks away. The video, which runs just under 15 minutes, is hosted by Malik Prince, Xbox Community Program Manager, and Harrison Hoffman, Xbox Principal Program Manager and takes us through a brief but complete overview of the Xbox Series X. Displayed prominently in between the two of them is the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S, but only the Xbox Series X was demoed as the user experience is the same.

Right out of the gate, the speed of the Xbox Series X boot time is evident along with the newly refreshed Xbox UI. Along with the refreshed UI, dynamic backgrounds make an appearance, bring some life to the home screen. According to Hoffman, these are exclusive to the Xbox Series X|S, and each available color will be accompanied by a dynamic background but mentions they hope to bring more options to the interface.

What’s a walkthrough without some gameplay footage? Gears of War 5 shown being played in 4K as 60 FPS with upgraded textures from the PC version. Hoffman explained that they were able to use the textures from the “Ultra Setting” from the PC version which couldn’t be done on the Xbox One X. Jumping from Dirt 5 and Subnautica, they demoed the “Quick Resume” feature that allows gamers to pick up games from where they left off across multiple titles, for example jumping right back into a race in Dirt 5 as demoed. Finally, Subnautica showed off the Xbox Series X|S Auto HDR feature that is available on select Xbox titles.

Also featured is the new Xbox Wireless Controller that not only includes the new ‘Share’ button, but was made to be a bit smaller, for ergonomics, and features textured grips and a D-Pad reminiscent of the Xbox Elite 2 Wireless Controller. The ‘Share’ button probably brings the biggest change to ease of use as it enables games to take screenshots and videos with ease. Press once for screenshots and press and hold for video. Gamers will no longer have to fumble with menus to take share their memorable gaming moments.

Segueing into the Xbox Mobile App, which can be used to share your user-made content to other social media platforms that your phone is aware of, and also as a way to remain connected to their Xbox Series X|S while away. Gamers will be able to manage their gaming library, install new games, and play any installed game through Remote Play.

In a possible first, we hear that the Xbox Series X|S has “brand new advanced networking hardware” that will take advantage of your home network connection, and will no longer being limited by the hardware of the older consoles. No other details were given, but given the fact these consoles are so heavily connected, it only makes sense this would get a boost to help drive Remote Play and digital downloads.

Finally, we get a look a the incredibly small 1TB Seagate Storage Expansion Card, which is as fast as the internal NVMe SSD. While the Xbox Series X|S can also take an external USB drive, newer Xbox Series X|S games can be stored but not run from an external SSD and only from the internal drive or from the Seagate Storage Expansion Card. Notably, during the Xbox Series X|S walkthrough, Malik asks to install the SSEC, which loads in at an incredible rate of around 2 seconds.

Check out the entire Xbox Series X|S walkthrough video below.

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