Xbox Remote Play for iOS is Finally Here

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Good news for iOS users: Xbox Remote Play is out of beta, and now available! Not to be confused with the anticipated Xbox Cloud Gaming which, while still in beta, was released in September only for Android devices as iOS users probably won’t see Xbox Cloud Gaming for some time. The key difference between the two is the source of the game being played. For Xbox Cloud gaming, Xbox Game Pass titles can be streamed directly to your Apple or Android device from Microsoft’s servers, whereas, Xbox Remote Play can stream just about anything from your Xbox One.

Xbox Cloud Gaming App Store

Xbox Remote Play is, simply put, remote access to your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S just like Remote Desktop is to a Windows PC. Using an Apple or Android device along with a supported Bluetooth controller, players are greeted by a familiar scene, their Xbox home screen. According to the Xbox site, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller 2 will not work on iOS but I can assure you in my testing it does with iOS 14. From there, the experience is quite similar to being in front of an Xbox normally, albeit with some minor delays and a much smaller screen.

Delays of course are dependent on your internet connection of your Xbox and of your mobile device. For Wi-Fi connectivity, Microsoft recommends a 7-10 Mbps 5 GHz connection and states that a 2.4 GHz network will work, but is not optimized yet. Cellular connection for Xbox Remote Play to work is also stated to be available. In limiting testing tonight, Xbox Remote Play worked well while on Wi-Fi with minor delays, but further testing will be needed while streaming on a mobile connection as my AT&T connection in my house may as well be non-existent.

Xbox Remote Play

PUBG and Minecraft both performed surprisingly well on Wi-Fi over Xbox Remote Play. I expected PUBG to be a bit of a shit show due to the precision needed to shoot my opponents, but I was able to nab a few kills. I was quick to find out that Xbox Remote Play does not work currently with backward compatible titles from the original Xbox and Xbox 360, as my older titles did not load and was presented an error code. Hopefully, that will change over time.

Head to the App Store or the Play Store and download the latest Xbox app update to gain access. Should you run into problems, check out the Xbox Support Page for Remote Play. Let us know about your experience!!

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