PUBG Season 9 Released on PC

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PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround launched PUBG Season 9 today but only on the PC. Along with it, PUBG released the launch trailer below, featuring both gameplay and cinematic elements, showing off many of the new features that come with Season 9. The biggest addition coming to season 9 is the introduction of the new Paramo map. Few PUBG updates have featured so many new and game-changing features as are coming to the PUBG universe as are featured in the Paramo map update.

Paramo includes a number of features not available in other maps. The most exciting feature is likely the dynamic landscape of the map, which results in terrain changes between each and every match. Players that are used to finding a tried and trusted landing area may find this change a bit frustrating at first, as they will need to adjust their gameplay and tactics for each and every match. Also, the map features an active volcano with lava flows, which present unique environmental dangers that are not seen anywhere else in PUBG. This is another unique feature in addition to potential fall damage and drowning that can occur on any of PUBG’s maps and is another element adding new interest with this Season’s update. Paramo is sized only 3km x 3km with a maximum player load of 64 players. This is smaller than all but the Karakin map, which has a playable area of only 2km x 2km and matches the player load of 64.

PUBG Season 9 Release Trailer

Paramo is being provided as a Seasonal Match, separate from the current matchmaking pool. which means several things for players queuing to a match. As the match is not part of the standard matchmaking, players will not be randomly dropped into this map among the 5 other maps available. Instead, they can selectively queue to the map whenever they would like. Additionally, no BOTS will be featured in the map, arguably a nice change for human players who have increasingly been dealing with the high level of bot proliferation in the “classic” maps. As the map is provided as a Seasonal Match exclusive for PUBG Season 9, match stats will not count into Career stats and the Battle stat feature is disabled. However matches completed in Paramo will still count toward the player’s completion of missions.

Some additional rules were posted in the PUBG Season 9 Patch Notes as follows:

Paramo Map Rules

  • 3×3 km playable area with dynamic map locations.
  • 64 Players
  • TPP & FPP Squads Only
  • No Red Zones
  • The Blue Zone shrinks slowly, but deals more damage compared to other maps, even in the early phases of the match.
  • Motorcycles are the only vehicle available on Paramo and can usually be found near small villages.

The release notes indicate (and the trailer shows) that players will deploy by helicopter, and these helicopters (Chinooks by the appearance) will then return with loot drops. The helicopters will be on a course to drop the loot just OUTSIDE the play zone. However, players will want to try to take out the choppers with RPGs or with enough gunfire, triggering them to drop their loot early. This is not dissimilar to the APCs featured in the Sanhok map that drops loot after taking extensive damage from an attack by players.

Image Credit: PUBG

The trailer also features what appears to be crates that can be destroys to potentially liberate supplies, and other environmental elements that can be directly interacted with. Whether all of this is in fact game-realistic or just cinematic indulgences is not entirely clear, as a lot of the trailer is cinematic creation as opposed to actual gameplay.

PUBG Patch 9.1 notes video

PUBG Season 9 is NOT just all about Paramo, however. Season 9 will now feature a ranked solo match, which will feature the same rules as the ranked squad matches of Season 8. Specifically:

Ranked Solo

  • Solo matches have been introduced to Ranked Mode.
  • These matches will have the same competitive qualities as Ranked Squad matches.
    • 64 players
    • No Red Zones
    • More loot
    • Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok only

There are a lot of other fine-detail stuff to check out with the PUBG Season 9 update, including new skins themes, bug fixes, UI updates. The list goes on and on. Check out the details in the full release notes. There has been no mention as to when this will be released to consoles like Xbox, PlayStation or Stadia.

Image Credit: PUBG
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Looking forward to PUBG Season 9.  Last night I realized they ended Season 8 on the consoles.  

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