PUBG Season 6 Brings New Small Scale Map

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Tired of the large maps in PUBG? Good news! PUBG Corporation has announced the next release of seasonal content. PUBG Season 6 will include the all new 2×2 map, “Karakin,” which will bring fast-paced combat to a smaller area.

Karakin will also bring new map interactions to the game. This map will include breach points into buildings as well as bullet penetration through certain walls. There will also be underground tunnels that will enable players to avoid or ambush other players.

PUBG Season 6 - Aerial View of Karakin Map
Aerial View of Karakin

Players on Karakin will not be able to hide in buildings too long like in other maps. The new update brings an all-new “Black Zone” which will force players out of hiding as they will need to avoid crush debris from missile strikes. These “Black Zones” will be very much like the “Red Zone” players are already familiar with. Later in the season, players will be able to interact with the Black Zone as well as a new weapon: the Panzerfaust rocket launcher.

The PUBG Season 6 update 6.1 will be available on the PC January 22nd. Players looking to join the foray early can jump on the PC Test Server immediately, as it is now open for testing to the public. No release date for the console version, other than “shortly after, ” was specified.

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