Xbox Series X Setup is a Cinch Due to the Xbox App!

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I wish I can recall how easy or hard it was to set up the original Xbox 360 or Xbox One because I was thoroughly impressed by the Xbox Series X setup process. After swapping out my Xbox One X console and cables for the new Xbox Series X the software setup went incredibly fast and done while the Xbox was updating. I am pretty sure that running cables was the hardest part.

It wasn’t surprising that the Xbox needed an update right out of the box as the Xbox team is no doubt still working on knocking out bugs and making sure tomorrow’s Xbox Series X|S launch goes smoothly. What I was surprised about was that the 775 MB update didn’t cause any delays in getting the Xbox set up. I expected to have to wait at least some time to update prior to set up but not having to is great when you want to get in and start gaming immediately. Of course, re-downloading all your games that were stored on the internal drive is a bit of a drag. However, the entire setup process is done through your iPhone or Android device’s newly updated Xbox app, but if you choose, you can go through the manual process via the console.

While the entire process was easy, I did run into a small snag at the beginning where the app wouldn’t connect to the Xbox Series X right away. I checked the WiFi settings of my iPhone but ended up just pressing ‘Retry’ on the app which luckily, worked! Afterward, the Xbox Series X setup is merely a few questions and confirmations. Choose a power mode (Energy Saving, Instant-On), sign-in security, automatic updates, and turning on remote features followed by naming the console, sharing data with Microsoft and developers, and finally prompted to copy over system settings from a previous console if you wish. Why does it ask you to copy settings last instead of at the beginning? Beats me as I would think that if you already have an Xbox One X, you’d want similar options selected. Then again, with a big push on Remote Play and Cloud Gaming, it would make sense to re-ask those questions upon the Xbox Series X setup.

Check out the video below which is approximately 3 minutes long and gives you a quick look at the Xbox Series X setup process if you’re curious.

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