Did Your Xbox Series X Screws Fall Out Too?

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I wish that was a joke but I am actually asking you: Did your Xbox Series X screws fall out like mine?

FedEx dropped off my Xbox Series X this morning much sooner than the anticipated “by 8:00 pm” but to my surprise, the box sounded like a baby rattle. I watched the FedEx driver put the box on my deck quite safely and the box was very well maintained. So well maintained that the corners and edges were just about nearly perfect. I knew this package wasn’t mishandled in any way even though I hadn’t seen the package before it was placed on my deck. So why did it sound like a pebble in a glass rattling around?

I was fairly unconcerned at this point as I figured it was something in the box that was not secured properly, although, in retrospect, there is nothing in the box that could make this sound. Nevertheless I continue with the Xbox Series X unboxing. I took my time unboxing the unit, as I was taking pictures for the site and completely forgetting that noise from before (which goes to show you how much time had elapsed.) Finally, I removed and hoisted the console out of its packaging finally feeling the true heft of this console, which I estimate to be approximately 4700 lbs. I went to remove the foam wrapping from around the new console only to hear that damn noise and have my heart sink like the Titanic. The Xbox Series X that I’ve been waiting for is broken. You’ve got to be kidding me!!!

Xbox Series X Screws loose

Remaining calm, I opened the wrapping and rolled the Xbox end-over-end, only to hear “The Price is Right’s” Plinko game being played in my brand new Series X. For some reason, I had figured one of the fan blades snapped off, so I tried to shine my iPhone light into the top grille, but everything was intact. I flipped the unit to its front so I could see through the back vents. Still…nothing. I tried flipping it end over end again, to hopefully get a visual on whatever the hell was bouncing around when suddenly, as the Series X was upside down, something fell into my hand. “This clearly can’t be right!”

Much to my surprise, what emerged was a long Torx screw with a bit of blue Loctite on the tip, which was completely untouched. Where did this mysterious metallic cylindrical inclined plane come from? Was this an extra screw that accidentally got dropped in? Was this a screw that didn’t make it in and now my Xbox Series X is compromised? I was glad to find this now, instead of after booting the new console on, as foreign metal objects and circuit boards generally don’t mix well. Will the Xbox Series X even boot?

I wondered if other Series X’s were having the same problem, but a quick Google search only turned up an Xbox One X with a loose screw on Reddit. I now realized I had won twice; a Taco Bell Xbox Series X that was the only one to have a loose screw! Luckily, the Series X boots and runs completely fine, with no apparent ill-effects, but I have no way to know if this will have any detrimental effects on performance later in its life.

I did find a teardown video that shows the screw in question. It appears to be a chassis screw. At the 9:00 minute mark, Spawn Wave discusses these exact screws at length, no pun intended, and sadly gives no reassurances to performance but at least know where it came from. You should check out the entire Spawn Wave Xbox Series X teardown video as the Series X is quite an impressive build.

I tweeted the picture out to @XboxSupport earlier today with no response. What would you do? Would you replace it?

EDIT: Some other Xbox Series X gamers have been experienced the same problem – https://youtu.be/0rKZqJo924o

You can view the non-amp version of this article here.

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That sucks! all new products have QC issues in the first batches. that said I’d be pissed if this happened to me. pay $500, gets junk? I have always thought MS did worse when it came to stuff like this. even their game boxes have more defects like improperly cut box art, and the silver xbox logo and white xbox printing being misaligned or missing. I would absolutely send it back in fact I would demand a BRAND NEW replacement. Doubt you’ll get it though, probably end up arguing over refurbed crap. Thats what I’m use to from MS. My biggest concern is the screw either fell out because 1. it was never tightened or (and this would be the bad part) the threading in the parts is stripped from them over tightening it

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