Taco Bell Xbox Series X Unboxing

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With just a day remaining to the launch of the Xbox Series X|S, many gamers have been awaiting their shipping notifications and watching FedEx and UPS websites while hitting the refresh buttons feverishly. I can’t say I haven’t been doing the same to both Target and FedEx, especially since Taco Bell shipped my Taco Bell Xbox Series X on Thursday. After feverishly refreshing the FedEx app and website (yes both) about 500 times today, my Taco Bell Xbox Series X has arrived. While I am not going to do a full-blown Taco bell Xbox Series X Unboxing since the insides of the Xbox Series X retail box have been posted countless times, I figured the unique Taco Bell parts would suffice. Check it out below!

I don’t know what I was expecting but the outside of the box is quite unassuming and VERY heavy (16 lbs.) but once opened the only thing missing is the smell of a burrito and that Taco Bell bell sound. Although, since I received this in the AM, a Sausage AM Crunchwrap would have been a nice included option. All the Taco Bell flair is isolated to the inside of the shipping package as the box the Xbox Series X is contained in is the same as the retail box. In any event, I thought I’d post some photos for your enjoyment as well as what is probably the shortest unboxing video ever created that shows off the Taco Bell flair.

Special thank you to Taco Bell for this absolutely incredible contest which included an Xbox Series X + 6 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. THANK YOU!!!

Taco bell Xbox Series X Unboxing

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Kevin May (TheCleverPotato)

Gotta say, I was expecting a LITTLE more from taco bell…. Im a bit underwhelmed by the taco bell logo on the box…

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