Xbox Series X|S Preorders and Taco Bell Winners Shipping

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“When is the Xbox Series X|S shipping?” is the #1 question from Xbox gamers right now. Millions of anxious Xbox fans have been taking to Reddit and to scouring the internet in the hopes of any inkling of info as to when the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will start shipping as we quickly approach its November 10th launch date. While many online retailers generally ship and receive within 1-2 days, that delivery window is closing rapidly and many hopes of gamers getting a day one console or even earlier are starting to get crushed. But there is still hope…

For the last couple of days, there have been a number of gamers that had ordered from that are reporting their credit cards being charged and some even receiving shipping notification. Other retailers haven’t been so forthcoming with their shipping notifications at all like Target, Best Buy, and even Amazon. Reddit user SkillPrimary2329 reported that they chatted with Amazon to find out that they will receive their stock on November 7th and start shipping them out then which seems odd given that it has been apparent that many retailers, like Best Buy, have already received their stock albeit at least for preorders.

Best Buy, Target, and Game UK fans are mostly in the dark regarding their Xbox Series X|S shipping notifications and are showing that their pre-orders are pending still with no change or charge to their credit card. My own preorder from Target has been pending since September 22 and stated “Preordered – Estimated Wed, Nov 11 through Mon, Nov 16” and to date, only a preauthorization hold has been placed on my credit card. The waiting game continues for all of us.

However, if you were lucky enough to win an Xbox Series X via the Taco Bell contest you may want to check your email immediately. As we previously reported, the initial email stated that winners should expect to see their Taco Bell Xbox Series X 4-6 weeks after the contest ends on November 4, today. Much to my surprise, I received a FedEx notification today stating that I have a 16 lb package being shipped November 5th via FedEx 2 day. Numerous Reddit users are also reporting receiving the same email, even though no further official emails from Taco Bell so make sure you’re signed up with FedEx to receive these types of updates.

In the meantime, keep checking your emails and preorder pages for that elusive shipping date. Another great resource is this Reddit thread regarding Xbox Series X|S shipping notification and preorders. If you’re still looking for an Xbox Series X|S make sure to check out our Xbox Series X|S buyers guide. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve received any word from your retailers regarding shipping!

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