The First Confirmed Dead PlayStation 5

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It is not even officially day 1 in the life of the PlayStation 5 (which is officially 1 1/2 hours away at the time I started to write this piece) but the Sony PlayStation 5 has already suffered its first casualty. YouTuber @JeremyPenter, who posts to the channel ACG (that’s Angry Centaur Gaming, if you are wondering) on YouTube reported this morning that his PlayStation 5 review unit is dead. He had been in the middle of testing it out for the review for his channel when the unit gave up the ghost. (We heard about this from VG24/7 this evening.) Penter indicated Sony quickly sent him a replacement unit, but originally posted on the morning of November 10th that his first unit was “100% dead.”

Penter reported that the issues seems related to some sort of storage issue, indicating that the system was giving him storage rebuild issues, that this is an issue that he has not been alone in reporting. The problems with his particular unit worsened, and then he experienced other errors, and ultimately a complete system failure.

While new tech releases like this are rarely known to go without a hitch, it doesn’t exactly instill a great deal of confidence in a new, highly sought after, and quite a pricy device such as this. With a fairly small number of review models out in the world, and with errors and issues cropping up in the batch that Sony knew would be sent out to reviewers, it is may be disheartening for those who splurged weeks and weeks ago to get a coveted spot among the ranks of the lucky few who succeeded in securing a pre-order day-1 release that there is at least one dead console out there, with other issues also being reported. Hopefully, the issues will prove to be statistically insignificant.

Given the extremely high demand for both the Sony PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S, it would put a great deal of strain on the supply chains for both companies if widespread issues began to crop up, with dead PlayStation 5s and XBox Series X|S’s only days after the launch of either of these amazing products.

The Xbox Series X hasn’t been without its own controversies only a day after its own launch. Our own Jason Porembski unboxed his Taco Bell Xbox Series X, only to discover issues with his unit. They ultimately didn’t result in a boot-up or system failure, but it got us to thinking about @JeremyPenter, his PS5 breaking down, and what might have caused it… Did it have a screw loose?

Have you secured a new Sony PS5 or Xbox Series X|S? How has your experience been so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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