Apple TV Comes to PlayStation and Xbox

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The moment many Apple, PlayStation, and Xbox fans have been waiting for has finally come – the Apple TV app is here. After Sony made an announcement last month, the Apple TV app for the PlayStation has finally arrived. Coinciding with the official launch of the PlayStation 5, the new Apple TV app for Sony PlayStation will be available for download from the PlayStation Store on November 12th, for both the Sony PlayStation 4 and 5.

Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 are only the latest in a multitude of platforms that now support Apple TV, with an Xbox App just released for the Xbox console that came out along with the launch of the Xbox Series X on Nov 10th. Coincidentally, Microsoft confirmed on Nov 2nd that the Apple TV app was be released on Xbox consoles on November 10th, the Xbox Series X|S release date, after there being rumors going around for a couple of months in the run up to the new console launch.

The Apple TV app for PlayStation and Xbox will feature an assortment of content available from the iTunes Store, along with Apple’s own library of exclusive content from the Apple TV+ streaming service, and other content from a variety of third-party providers. These providers include services such as Showtime and Stars, as well as content for the kiddos from Noggin’ and elsewhere. The Apple TV Content mirrors the same content available via other Apple TV devices.

Apple TV App coming to Xbox and PlayStation systems.

Don’t forget that, while the Apple TV app can be downloaded, access to the Apple TV+ services requires a monthly subscription costing $4.99, and can be shared across any of your Apple devices or devices that support Apple TV, including that new (hopefully functional) Sony PlayStation 5.

Have you tried out Apple TV for the consoles yet? What has your experience been like so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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