1 Vs 100 Maybe in the Works According to Spencer

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Do you remember the massively multiplayer game show, 1 Vs 100? Microsoft Game Studios created the 1 Vs 100 video game back in 2009 to mimic the hit TV game show. During each live session, a random Xbox gamer would be selected as the “One” with another 100 to play as the “Mob” and the remaining Xbox players would be listed as the “Crowd.” The selection was based on previous scores and participation in the extended play sessions that were not live.

1 Vs 100 may be coming back to Xbox according to Spencer
Photo Credit: GiantBomb.com

The premise was simple. The One, the Mob, and the Crowd are all presented with the same question. If a player gets the answer wrong, they were eliminated but if the One answered incorrectly the game would end and the prize amount at that level would be split up amongst the remaining Mob and the top 3 players of the Crowd would win an Xbox Live Arcade Game. The prize amount was set up like a sliding scale so if you were a member of the Crowd, you’d want the One to lose at the higher levels. If the One beat the Mob, they would win the top prize of 10,000 Microsoft points.

The game was incredibly popular being downloaded 2.5 million times and having a staggering 114,000 concurrent players in one session. It’s hard to believe that Microsoft killed 1 Vs 100 after only 2 seasons but in a recent interview with Gamespot, Phil Spencer said that while he can’t announce anything at this time, but seemed to suggest that it could be making a comeback. 1 Vs 100 making a comeback would be a great addition to Xbox Game Pass and a nice push for the trivia genre.

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