Minecraft Dungeons Cross-Platform Play

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Back in October, Minecraft announced that cross-platform play would be coming sometime in November as a free update and true to their word, it’s almost here. Today, @dungeonsgame announced that Minecraft Dungeons that very update will be coming November 17th for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One!

Minecraft Dungeons cross-platform play coming

Minecraft Dungeons is a truly fun experience very much like a dumbed-down version of Diablo but cuter and not as stressful. While the game is easy to play, it can certainly be challenging as this game is no slouch. The single-player experience is a lot of fun but coop play is where this game really shines.

As we mentioned in our Minecraft Dungeons review, couch coop and online coop play is an absolute blast and is the best way to play Dungeons and now with Minecraft Dungeons cross-platform play, even more friends can play together regardless of what platform they choose.

Sadly, cross-platform saves will not be something we will see in dungeons as they have previously announced. If you decide to play on another platform you’d need to start a new game which includes a new character. Character saves are also not transferrable cross-platform. This could be seen as a negative, but also gives the idea of re-playability more purpose for Minecraft Dungeons.

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