Minecraft Dungeons Seasonal Event – Chills and Thrills

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Looking for some fun exclusive loot in Minecraft Dungeons? You may want to get on your snow boots and join the Chills and Thrills seasonal event, which Microsoft just announced, is going on starting today and going through December 30th. While December is the season of giving, Minecraft Dungeons seasonal event Chills and Thrills free event is not giving anything away for free, you’re going to have to work for these rewards.

Hopefully, you’re not in the northeast and currently dealing with the snow as this seasonal event is building off the Creeping Winter theme, snow. This first-ever seasonal event will include six new winter-themed trials with two new trial modifiers and collectible rewards. Some of these modifiers are straight forward like changing the number of chests or changing the cooldown timer on artifacts – easy right? Well, they are also incorporating invisible mobs. Wwhhaaattt? Oddly enough, this reminds me of a recent issue I had in the real Minecraft while I was digging getting attacked by an invisible skeleton, albeit not a new mob just a glitch. Anyway… The best part of the Minecraft Dungeons seasonal event is the exclusive rewards. Each unique and collectible: Arctic Fox Armor, Frost Slayer sword, and the Shivering Bow.

Minecraft Dungeons is cross-platform play compatible and is available for download via the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC as well as Nintendo Switch and PlayStation. If you’re feeling especially mobile, you can also play on your Apple or Android device via Remote Play or Xbox Cloud Gaming depending on your setup. If you’re not familiar with Minecraft Dungeons, make sure to check out our Minecraft Dungeons review!

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