Minecraft Dungeons Cross-Platform + DLC Coming

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Alongside the announcement of the massive Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update coming to Minecraft later next year, they slipped in another announcement regarding Minecraft Dungeons. As they promised months ago, cross-platform play is coming to Minecraft Dungeons this November as a free update bringing Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC gamers together.

If that wasn’t enough, during the Minecraft Live event they announced a brand new DLC, Howling Peaks, and a Season Pass that comes out in December. Howling Peaks will be a mountain-themed DLC that will feature a new boss the Tempest Golem who can conjure up howling winds to fend you off. Additionally, new mobs include the Ravager, Windcaller, Goat, and the Temple Golem.

Have you already completed the Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter DLC? Are you still finding Minecraft Dungeons to be a challenge? If not, the free “Apocalypse Plus” update will add 20 new difficulties after Apocalypse VII. This will increase the characters’ power ceiling as well as add new items and enchantments.

We’re happy to see the new DLC but really excited to play Minecraft Dungeons cross-platform. Check out the screenshots below from the upcoming Minecraft Howling Peaks DLC and don’t forget to check out our own Minecraft Dungeons Review. Minecraf Dungeons is available on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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