Huge Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update Coming Summer 2021

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The folks have been hard at work during the pandemic and have recently announced the new Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update that will be coming to Minecraft next Summer. We’ve seen how Mojang Studios have been able to transform the oceans as well as the Nether, it is no doubt the Caves & Cliffs update will impress.

The Minecraft caves have always been impressive albeit a bit drab, and this new update will include lush caves and dripstone caves featuring waterfalls, watery caves, and expansive caverns.

These newly designed caves will feature newly detailed environments that will include new blocks like reaching stalagmites (bottom) and stalactites (top) that will not only be a visual upgrade but will also add increased fall damage should you land on one (ouch!). Caves will also feature new blocks such as crystal geodes, which appear to be rare and can be used to make telescopes among other things.

There will also be the introduction of a new ore block: Copper. Looking very much like an iron or gold block but with a more orange or copperish hue. These will be used to create items like the new lightning rod block among others. Also, copper builds will age over time and turn green showing off your tenure in Minecraft.

Another new block included in the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update is the Sculk Sensor, which is triggered by vibrations. Vibrations can be generated by walking, throwing something on it, or hitting it with an arrow. When the Sculk Sensor is activated, it emits a Redstone signal which opens the doors to make new Redstone contraptions.

The Cave and Cliffs update also introduces a brand new archeology system that will add a “cool sense of history and storytelling.” Depending on your mood, you can either pretend to be Indiana Jones by digging out ancient artifacts from ruins or Dr. Grant from Jurassic Park and dig up fossils with the new brush tool. Either way, this is going to be a much-needed addition to the caves giving that sense of story that Minecraft is missing.

Quietly slipped in was the addition of Bundles, which is sort of like a bag. Players will be able to store up to 64 items regardless of type. This will allow players to save some space in their backpack and group the same item type together to be unpacked later.

Minecraft Bundles

Two new mobs were also mentioned during the live event: One cute, one not so much. First is the Axolotl, a tamable, cute little cave-dwelling creature that thrives in the water depths and is harmless. The other, named the Warden, is well adapted to the dark cave life. The Warden appears to be blind but reacts to movement/vibrations like the Sculk Sensor. While the Warden looks nothing like the Graboids from the movie Tremors, they will remind you of the necessity of being as light-footed as Valentine McKee and Earl Bass. You don’t want to piss the Warden off as he is fierce.

Also in this update will be the Mountain Update that was voted on last year that will bring another new mob: the Mountain Goat.

Mojang Studios explained that this is going to be a huge update to Minecraft and will require additional time taking them into summer 2021 before they release the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update. Seems to be a long way off, but with new systems, new mobs, and new caves it’ll certainly be worth the wait. Check out the Caves and Cliffs sneak peek at the bottom of the page.

More information about the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update will be announced as we get closer to its Summer 2021 release. For more information regarding Minecraft, check out

Minecraft Cave & Cliffs update - Mountain Goats
Minecraft Cliffs and Caves Update New Mob – The Mountain Goat
Minecraft Cave & Cliffs update - The Warden
The Warden
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[…] the announcement of the massive Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update coming to Minecraft later next year, they slipped in another announcement regarding Minecraft […]

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