Minecraft: Nether Update Coming June 23rd

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The long awaited and long tested Nether Update finally has a date! Minecraft: The Nether Update will be made available on all platforms, where Minecraft is already available, on June 23rd. The Java edition will also be updated on the same day for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

The Nether update is going to completely revamp the Nether as we know it. New blocks, new items, new mobs and the introduction to biomes into the Nether! A new score has also been added and recently released on Spotify to showcase Lena Raine’s musical additions to the Nether.

The Nether Update – What to Expect

  • New Items like Netherite Scrap, Netherite Armor, Netherite Tools, Lodestone Compass, and many more…
  • New mobs like Piglins, Zoglins, Hoglins and Striders!
  • New generated structures including Ruined Portals, Nether Fossils, Basalt Pillars, and Bastion Remnants…
  • BIOMES!!! – Soul Sand Valley, Warped Forest, Crimson Forest, Basalt Deltas and Nether Wastes
  • There will also be new enchantments and a ton more blocks coming in the update.

If you’ve ever visited the Nether, you know that it’s a tough place at first. The Nether makes for a great transport medium but gets rather boring rather fast. This update is going to a be a, much needed, major overhaul to the Nether that will add some major life and excitement into the Nether. The update is expected on all Bedrock platforms: Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch as well as mobile Android and Apple devices. Get your devices ready for the download before next Tuesday!!

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