Madden NFL 21 Cover To Feature Raven’s Jackson

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Madden NFL 21, the next annual addition to the Madden franchise, will feature the Baltimore Raven’s 2019 NFL MVP Quarterback, Lamar Jackson.

EA Sports revealed cover art for the upcoming version of the game this week, revealing that Jackson will be featured on the cover across all platform versions of the game, and “reflects Jackson’s unique NFL journey,” as stated in the EA release.

From growing-up with Madden, to being a grown-up IN Madden

Jackson has embraced his role as the newest face of the Madden NFL franchise. Having grown up with the game himself, a Jackson had this to say about his own experience with the game, and the honor of being featured on the cover of one of the most widely recognized game franchises in existence.

Jackson commented:

“I grew up playing Madden and owned every copy I could get my hands on, so to be on the cover of Madden NFL 21 is a dream come true, especially when the cover represents so much of my story. The welcome to the Madden family from around the league and from fans has been phenomenal and I think people will have a lot of fun with the new features coming in this year’s game.”

Jackson’s Rise – Cover Story

Part of EA’s announcement is “Lamar Jackson: Cover Story,” which gives a glimpse into Jackson’s career and eventual rise to NFL stardom.

EA Sports Madden NFL 21 : Lamar Jackson Cover Story

New face, new features

Jackson joining Madden as part of this year’s game is far from the only new and exciting piece of information to come out of EA’s released details. Some new details of the updated game mechanics were also discussed. These include:

  • Improved ball-carrier mechanics for running back and receiver positions
  • Enhanced D-Line mechanics to make pass rush positions more responsive
  • Realistic Open-Field Tracking
  • New Player-controlled celebrations after each game
  • Improved on-field camera shots leading to an overall authenticity improvement

The Madden NFL 21 game trailer highlights some of these new functions and camera shots, highlighting many of the on-the field camera angles that demonstrate just the types if improvements that EA is trying to make in the newest edition.

Madden NFL 21 Official Gameplay Trailer

“In Madden NFL 21 there are a range of authentic new gameplay improvements that both our most engaged players and any fan of football will enjoy, plus unique experiences that will allow every player to live out their NFL fantasy with more still to come.”

Seann Graddy, executive producer of Madden NFL21

Outside of game mechanics, Madden NFL 21 will also come with Face of the Franchise: Rise to Fame. This is a career campaign that players can create and play themselves, and play through a campaign from high school rookie, playing through college and culminating in going through the NFL Combine and NFL Draft.

Madden NFL 21 is due out August 28th and will be available for Sony PlayStation®4, Microsoft Xbox® One, as well as being downloadable to PC via the Origin™ store and Steam. Additionally, EA will also be providing free upgrades for gamers who buy a copy for Microsoft Xbox® One or PlayStation®4, who then upgrades to an Xbox Series X or PlayStation®5, through the release of Madden NFL 22.

Pre-orders are already open with prices ranging from $59.99 for the standard edition, to an MVP edition at $99.99. The MVP edition comes packed with a ton of extras, including 3-day advanced access to the title.

You can check out some of the other details at the official EA Sports Madden NFL 21 homepage, and stay connected to us here, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google News.

Courtesy EA Sports
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