Madden NFL 21 to Remove Redskins Name and Logo

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Following pressure from corporate sponsors, the NFL team, the Washington Redskins have announced that they are in search of a new name and logo, according to the NY Times, due to its racist connotations. This has been brought up over the years many times but it finally came to a head this past Monday.

Madden NFL 21 is already in production and ready for release August 25th. With that in mind, EA js scrambling to remove the name and logo from Electronic Arts Madden NFL 21 and go with a generic one until Washington decides on a new name. Kotaku confirmed that EA will release a day 1 patch that will automatically download once the game is connected to the internet that will remove the Redskins name and logo.

“We are pleased to see Washington’s decision to change their team name and visual identity,” the rep said. “We are quickly working to update Madden NFL 21 to feature a generic Washington team, while we await final word on the updated team name and logo design.”

Kotaku – July 17th, 2020

Easy as it seems, this is not just a quick graphical update. EA is now making changes to uniforms, player cards and FedExField, the Redskins home stadium. Further changes will be made to crowd gear and signage, audio/commentary changes and all other references to the old teams name. EA further explained to Kotaku that, “Players may continue to see some outdated Washington references in other areas of the game at launch, but we are committed to removing all of those from the game in additional title updates coming shortly after launch.”

Madden NFL 21 is due out August 28th but available 3 days early if you purchase the MVP or deluxe editions.

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