Minecraft? “I ain’t playing with [email protected]&$king blocks!”

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Those were my exact words to Jason (Gluten Mifflin) the day he suggested playing Minecraft. At the time I knew very little of the game. I knew it was a world composed entirely of blocks. I also knew that you used said blocks to build stuff and protect yourself before monsters came out at night. Seemed boring to me and not something I would be into playing.

Through some perseverance, Jay eventually got me to give it a shot. He had already been playing for a couple of weeks so I hopped on to his game. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the world looked. Yes, up close some structures and landmarks were boxy looking but it worked. Even more surprising, the further away you got from a mountain or other land formation the less boxy looking it got. Mountains started looking like mountain, trees like trees.

He had already built two structures; a castle from Ultima Online, and another home/castle that would become our main base of operations while we both learned and explored the game. As with any new game that you grow to love, those first few hours of play are always remembered fondly. Avoiding new mobs, learning what the dangers are, getting killed and being annoyed are all part of the fun and the experience. There, we tried to build our first rail system that didn’t work because we knew nothing of redstone. It was also the spot that I would start my very first mine.

Never did find the Balrog…

Wanting to see how far I could go down, I started digging, not straight down, but a staircase one block wide and three blocks high. I think this is where I got hooked. It was a crappy mine of course but it opened up a new world under the ground. I found lava pools, diamond, that odd stuff known as redstone, cave systems to explore and even an abandoned mine. Being a newb, it was also relatively safer underground because I couldn’t get lost unless I explored a cave system too deep and I could control the points of which mobs might come in. I found myself in a Zen like peace while digging. This is why many of my projects will include some massive dig out. Plus, I like to have resources on hand when it is time for me to start building.

Not too long ago Jason and myself explored that old world. It was fun to remember back and compare what we built then to what we have created in our realm today. Looking at those old build is interesting because you can gain some insight into how your own building style influences every project you do.

As of today, I have 68 days 18 hours 5 minutes played and 3/4 of a million blocks broken. My time in Minecraft is still going strong and seems unending, especially with the introduction of Minecraft Realms. With large projects like our Nether Transit system and re-creating famous movie locations, Jason and I have been very busy. We of course do take breaks or go through periods where we are “crafted out” but we know we will always be back at some point.

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I specifically remember the day I told you about Minecraft and you saying exactly that. “I am not playing with [email protected]#$% blocks!” haha. Now you’ve surpassed me in mining and building. Well played sir. Well played.

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