About Us

Who are we? We’re just two grown ass men that are sick and tired of the state of Co-Op gaming. We’re tired of games being labeled as Co-Op then only to find that the Co-Op aspect is only a smidgen of the actually game. Blasphemous!!

Our goal is to be fair and just hopefully, in some small way, push the Co-Op community in front of these game developers eyes that we are not a small community.

Who we are:

Gluten Mifflin – Hi there! No, the name has nothing to do with the show the ‘Office’ but with the publisher of Lord of the Rings. More at a later date….

Started gaming back in the mid 80’s with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and took me through my console years through PC gaming (FPS, MMO) back to console gaming where I have found a love for multiplayer gaming.

Favorite Games – (Left 4 Dead, Minecraft, Mario Bros series, Plants vs Zombies:Garden Warfare, FarCry 5, Ultima Online)

StarDoggedMoon – Video games are for me, the ultimate escape; more than books, more than movies. In a video game we can interact with an epic tale or become the hero in an action movie. Co-Op video games, however, take it a step further as they allow us to experience it all with a group of friends or just a good buddy. This makes for some truly memorable moments whether it be getting that much needed back-up in the nick of time or engaging in some truly great banter like the buddy action films of old. You can be the A-Team or Tango and Cash. Then, after the gaming is done, you can reminisce about your adventures as you discuss you own take on how events unfolded or relive funny and exciting moments. Dunder…oops…Gluten Mifflin and I have had some fantastic times playing video games over the years. He’s been the Tubbs to my Crockett, the Jake Blues to my Elwood, the David to my Bob, and more often than not, the Lennie to my George. That why we’re on a mission, “from god” if you will, to find the very best co-op experiences that the gaming world has to offer.

Favorite Games – Everquest, Mass Effect Trilogy, both Knights of the Old Republic games, Far Cry 5, Dead Rising 3, Minecraft, Left 4 Dead, Battlefield 1943, both PvZ: Garden Warfare games…others that I can’t remember right now…