A Cancer Grows in Gaming – Social Justice Warriors (SJW)

A Cancer Grows in Gaming - Social Justice Warriors (SJW)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Loathsome, hateful, and miserable; Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) have infiltrated every aspect of the entertainment industry and serve only as a destructive force that is anything but entertaining. SJWs create nothing and ruin everything that they are allowed to leach on to. Still, many companies seem all too eager to introduce this influence into their …

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Good Games Are in the Eye of the Beholder

Good games are in the eye of the beholder

Reading Time: 4 minutes I once heard a sound bite of a quote that I have always attributed to John Waters. It went something like… “If it makes you laugh, it is never in bad taste”. Dubbed the “King of Bad Taste” himself, Waters is no stranger to controversy. His films are not for the faint of heart and …

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Gaming and Remembrance: Dragon Age and an Epic Moment

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the early ’90s, HBO used to air a show called Dream On. I don’t remember much about it but it was essentially about a man who was brought up during the time when the television became a central fixture in the household. As with any show, he would get into hijinks, but his reaction …

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The Debate Over Difficulty Modes

Reading Time: 4 minutes To “git gud,” give up…or play in “baby mode” Recently, with the release of STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order, I entered into the realm of the “Dark Souls” genre of games. Games intentionally made with a difficulty level that is frustrating and demoralizing to the casual gamer. Don’t get me wrong here, I love STAR …

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Minecraft? “I ain’t playing with [email protected]&$king blocks!”

Reading Time: 2 minutes Those were my exact words to Jason (Gluten Mifflin) the day he suggested playing Minecraft. At the time I knew very little of the game. I knew it was a world composed entirely of blocks. I also knew that you used said blocks to build stuff and protect yourself before monsters came out at night. …

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Official Minecraft Texture Packs – Our Mojang Top 5

Reading Time: 6 minutes I like to change Minecraft texture packs and will change them on a whim depending on what I am feeling like at the time. I enjoy seeing what I have built through a different lens, and discovering how they chose to represent all of the different items within the game while keeping true to the …

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Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is not the successor we were hoping for.

Plants Vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville

Reading Time: 3 minutes Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville was released just a little over a month ago and after playing it for some of that time it has truly rejuvenated my love of Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2! And, when I write “some of that time” I actually mean sporadically as I’ve played more Garden Warfare …

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Baldur’s Gate III Announced at E3

Baldur's Gate III

Reading Time: < 1 minute PC players will once again be able to explore the intricate lands of Faerun with the announcement of the third installment to the Baldur’s Gate series. Larian Studios and Wizard of the Coast promise and engaging and immersive series that will provide players with a unique RPG experience unlike that which has been seen before. …

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E3 2019 – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay Video Revealed

Star Wars: Fallen Order Gameplay Reveal

Reading Time: 2 minutes At E3 2019 in California, EA Play treated us to 14 minutes Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay today and while I’m very excited about what was shown, I didn’t see anything in the mechanics that left me feeling that this would be the future of Star Wars games. If you liked the look and …

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Building a World: Take a glimpse into our Minecraft Realm

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Just about 3 years ago GlutenMifflin and I started building a world on a Minecraft realm. For us, Minecraft is one of those tried and true games that you can pick up and simply play any time. Sometimes we will spend months fixated on our projects within that game and then, when a break is needed leave it for a couple of months to play something else, knowing full well that at some point we will return and pick up where we left off.

At the time, we were in a sort of dry spell with gaming. Having mastered all of our favorite characters in Garden Warfare 2 we didn’t really know what we wanted to play and we were kind of done with the horrors of battle in the never ending war between the virtuous plants and evil zombies. We still loved the game, but after hours upon hours of play time and the prospect of going through the grind, leveling those leftover characters that we didn’t really want to play left us bored with the idea so we decided to return to Minecraft and the release of realms was perfect timing.

We had always endeavored to create a world on an epic scale. A world that would have its own separate but functional areas and a transit system to connect them. This was problematic before realms came along as only the host of the world would be able to add anything when we weren’t playing together. And, While we did manage to build some very nice things within our own Minecraft worlds, we would have to take turns hosting or visiting and as a result the interconnectivity we sought was never able to truly manifest.

That was until, Minecraft Realms was released. With the introduction of realms we were able to have a perpetual world where we would be able to drop in and out anytime we wanted to. We would be able to work on our own projects solo or team up and work on a group effort all with a common goal of expanding this ever prevalent world.

Currently our world has 6 functional areas which are basically towns. They are Gondor, Erebor, Endor, Mordor, Laketown, and Pandora. Some are closer to each other and some are pretty far. They are all connected through a transit system so travel from town to town is quick, safe, and easy. We finally have that massive epic world and are constantly looking to expand it. Unexpectedly, it has even taken on its own life in the form of lore. As we were building these awesome structure I started to notice that there was a story behind these places. The stories are heavily borrowed and amalgamated versions of the pop culture fiction that we watch and grew up with so much of it may seem very familiar. Even the names of the towns have significance. They weren’t named simply because we wanted to name them after some movie, no, there was some element in the game that gave rise to that reference and thus the name of the town.

The video below will hopefully be the first of many in which we showcase some of the parts of our Minecraft realm. This is my very first video so please don’t take it too seriously, it’s all simply for fun. In this video I showcase my baby, Endor. In it I simply take you on a journey to several points of interest and try to explain to you the story, the lore, behind the place.

Here is the text from the book I show in the video if you care to read more…

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