Official Minecraft Texture Packs – Our Mojang Top 5

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I like to change Minecraft texture packs and will change them on a whim depending on what I am feeling like at the time. I enjoy seeing what I have built through a different lens, and discovering how they chose to represent all of the different items within the game while keeping true to the overall theme of the texture pack itself. While playing on our realm, I have been known to leave the realm multiple times in a session just to do this.

Since the release of Minecraft, Mojang has offered players a variety of ways to give their worlds a make-over in the form of themed texture packs. Texture packs allow players to view all of the individual items and blocks within the game through a more specific scope. For example, The Halloween texture pack, gave blocks a gloomy, dark look, while others appear to be decorated with typical Halloween themes. Other texture packs are themed by movies, other video games, and TV shows.

Players can obtain texture packs directly through the Minecraft Store, generally for around $4.00 – $6.00. On the other hand, mash-up packs cost slightly more, because they include the texture pack, plus music, skins world depicting points of interest from the game or movie they are based off of. Today, the store offers both official Mojang packs, as well as third party ones. While it can certainly be argued that PC players enjoy the widest range of these make-overs (a lot of them for free through mods), today we focus on official Mojang texture packs in this article.

So, without further ado we are going to go through my top 5 favorite Minecraft texture packs. These are the ones I use the most in either a primary or secondary position.

Super Co-Op Bros Top 5 Minecraft Texture Packs

5. Pirates of the Caribbean

Minecraft - Pirates of the Caribbean Texture Packs

Bright, vibrant colors make travel in the overworld a pleasure. This is an all around nice looking texture pack, with some exceptions. Mob skins are not all that great in this one. Some of the choices just don’t make sense. For example, creepers are supposed to be crayfish in a shell (I think..?), but the effect is elongated and wonky, and just don’t look good at all, and don’t even know what polar bears are supposed to be. If you are building with wood however, this is a great pack to use. Planks have the look of ship lathe, and one can indeed imagine it looking good on an old time sailing ship build. I am particularly fond of how windows look with this pack, and add a unique look to any build. This pack also features music from the movies, but it is overbearing and way too repetitive.

Pros: Bright lighting (except in the Nether), wood textures, and window graphics.

Cons: Music can be extremely repetitive.

4. Fallout

Minecraft - Fallout texture pack

Muted colors and a sickly green tinge effectively capture the look of the Bethesda installments of the Fallout series. Doors are dilapidated, glass is grimy, and wood is worn and tired. The world is in ruins and much of the graphics in this texture pack illustrate it perfectly. If you are looking to build a war-torn city, or just the remnants of a bygone civilization, then look no further.

This pack is a mash-up, so it comes with a few extra perks in the form of music from the games, character skins, and a pre-built world which is absolutely fantastic. The skins are OK, but the music is where this pack truly shines. I will generally activate this texture pack to a secondary position just for the music. This way I can use any other pack as the primary graphic and still listen to the Fallout soundtrack. The pre-built maps are also a nice addition as it is quite large and features so many locations from the Fallout games to explore.

Pros: Unique graphics and blocks true to Fallout series, the wonderful Fallout music.

Cons: Can get tired of the drab look if played too long.

3. Nightmare Before Christmas

Minecraft - Nightmare Before Christmas texture pack.

One of my absolute favorites for building anywhere besides around water and grass/dirt blocks. Water is very green in color, which I could be willing to over look, but in addition, the black dirt/grass blocks makes the overworld way too dark. Other than those two really big exceptions, normal blocks (stone, cobblestone, wood, wood planks, sand, etc.) are all very nice. Some of the best looking textures in the game as far as I’m concerned. This mash-up also includes a pre-built world in which you can tour Halloweentown. Music from the movie is also another wonderful feature about this pack. Overall, this is a really fun pack to own and use, any time of year.

Pros: Fun pack to use. Mobs look really great and are characters from the movie. Music is wonderful.

Cons: Grass/Dirt blocks are too dark, water is green.

2. Steampunk

Minecraft - Steampunk Texture Pack

This is my go-to pack, and the one I primarily use with Fallout or even Nightmare Before Christmas loaded in the secondary slot (for music). As the name implies, this pack adds the steampunk flare to Minecraft. It’s kind of like a “future-past” style in the scope of gas powered, gas-light Victorian England. Think pipes, goggles, submarine doors and windows. An extremely nice looking pack in genera,l with some good lighting in both the overworld and the nether. The blocks that haven’t been given the steampunk bend look the way I want them to look. That being said, I can also see this pack not being for everyone, as some blocks are there specifically to match the name of the pack. As a result, some trees look like a collection of pipes so fantasy replaces realism in some cases here.

Pros: Blocks just look right and the more themed ones hit that steampunk look right on the head.

Cons: Not everyone is gonna like this pack.

1. Mass Effect

My all time favorite texture pack and one that I can no longer use so I will try not to descend into and anger fueled stream of profanity here. This pack cannot be used with the “Better Together” editions of Minecraft due to licensing restrictions so when we started our realm I had to say goodbye to this one.

Being a mash-up, it features the wonderful music from Mass Effect 3 and an OK world map that features the Mars base from the same game. This was a nice bright texture pack, and the blocks have a very sci-fi feel to them. However, some blocks just look nothing like what they are supposed to. For example, wood textures look more metallic than wood, but that is one of the things I love about this pack. It is truly a pity that I will never get to explore our realm using it. Perhaps it is for the best. Maybe this pack should simply live on as a fond memory. Sometimes as our tastes change over the years, what we once liked really doesn’t work anymore.

Pros: Music. Very Mass Effect/sci-fi look to blocks and items.

Cons: Only a specific subset of player are going to enjoy this one (Mass Effect/sci-fi fans)

These are obviously my opinion, and certainly not representative of any “official” list. I tend to prefer textures that have a pop-culture spin to them, and in the future, I would love to see more of that type. I would absolutely love to see a Star Wars or a Simpsons Minecraft texture pack, though I think those ships have sailed (oh well!) More than that though, I would absolutely LOVE to have the freedom to customize a texture pack of my own. I don’t even want to create my own textures. I would just love to see a tool where I could pull the textures that I want in from all of my owned packs to create the perfect one fit to my taste.

What are your favorite Minecraft texture packs? What would you like to see in the future?

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